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SEA dominates paper in RecycleMania (3-16-09)

UTD is once again participating in RecycleMania, the national college recycling competition, so be sure to recycle whenever you can! UTD is currently ranked 4th in the nation for paper and is well within the top 50 in the Per Capita Classic and Gorilla Prize competitions. For more information about the competition and how to recycle, visit our Events and Recycling pages.


 New Officers for 2008-2009 (9-20-08)

SEA has its latest set of officers, a strike team of rugged environmentalists ready to take on any challenge. To see who they are, visit the Officers Page.


RecyleMania back for a second year (1-28-07)

UTD is once again participating in RecycleMania, the national college recycling competition, so be sure to recycle whenever you can! For more information about the competition and how to recycle, visit our Events and Recycling pages.

SEA speaks at North Junior High (10-26-07)

In an effort to bring environmentalism to a younger age group, SEA began a new program to educate seventh and eighth graders at Richardson North Junior High's AVID college prep program. SEA will be performing skits, quizzing students, playing (educational) games, and doing art activities to show these kids that saving the Earth really can be fun and a part of the college experience.

Green allies found at Facilities Management (10-19-07)

As part of our focus on energy conservation this year, SEA arranged a meeting with several prominent members of Facilities Management, the department at UTD that controls such services as waste disposal, recycling, and energy use. We aimed to reduce energy consumption by installing Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) in campus buildings, as well as reducing standby time on university computers. We got more than we bargained for, learning that many at Facilities care just as much about energy conservation as we do. We may not be able to accomplish all of our goals, but we are all on the same side. For more information about the meeting and its effects, check out upcoming issues of A Modest Proposal, the alternative UTD student publication.

New Officers chosen for 07-08 (9-11-07)

At a meeting on September 4th, SEA members chose our new officers for the 2007-2008 school year, including newcomers Katie Linehan as Public Relations officer, Gabe Cavazos as Program coordinator, and Samia Hossain as Vice President. Thanks for your support, everyone!

Recycling Program Recognized by Student Gov't (08-21-07)

At the first Student Government (SG) meeting of the fall semester, SG presented SEA with a certificate of achievement in honor of SEA's work in establishing the new residential recycling program. SEA is the first to receive such an award, but the senators and executive committee of SG agreed that students should be recognized for attaining a much-sought goal for the university and the environment.

Recycling Underway in Waterview Park (4-17-07)

After much urging from SEA, Waterview Park Apartments has partnered with Allied Waste and the Residential Housing Association to offer recycling to all residents on campus. Students can bring all of their recyclables (no pre-sorting) to the compactor near Phase IX or to the clubhouses and pools in almost every other phase.

RecycleMania Wraps Up (4-17-07)

The final results are in after UTD's first year participating in RecycleMania, the national recycling competition for colleges and universities. UTD finished 4th out of 8 in Texas, and 130th out of 175 nationwide, with nearly 100,000 lbs. recycled campuswide over the 10-week period. Congratulations, Comets, on a great first year, and we'll expect an even better second run in '08.

Earth Day '07 Makes Waves (4-17-07)

SEA and SUAAB's second annual Earth Day celebration drew interested students and community members from all walks of life to the SU Mall on Monday, April 16th for three hours of great weather and earth-friendly fun. Among the offerings were live music, free food, free plants and produce from the community garden, and tons of information about recycling and environmental issues. We also showed Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth", the Oscar-winning documentary about global warming.

AFI Dallas partners with SEA, UTD (3-26-07)

The AFI Dallas international film festival is donating recyclables to UTD as part of our campus recycling program, showing that the American Film Institute and its partners care about the environment. The festival lasts through March 31st in various locations around Dallas.

First RecyleMania Collection Day (3-01-07)

SEA held its first of two collection days for RecycleMania! on March 1st in the Student Union Mall, with extra bins in the Phase VIII clubhouse in Waterview. The bins were mostly filled, but we need more participation at the next collection day on March 29th to help us beat UT!

SEA pulls ahead in RecycleMania! (2-17-07)

The results are in for the second week of RecycleMania!, and UTD is now ahead of both SMU and TCU. Thanks to everyone who's been helping, and keep on recycling!

SEA to sell flowers for Valentine's Day (2-12-07)

SEA will be selling red, white, and pink roses on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, February 12th, 13th, and 14th for $1 each. Come by the SU to get a natural gift for your friend or sweetheart!

Election Results are in! (2-6-07)

After five additional email ballots, the new SEA president is Barrett, in a total 10-7 vote. Thanks to everyone who cared enough to make their vote count.

Second Meeting of Spring Semester (1-30-07)

Most of our second meeting was devoted to elections, which ended in a tie between founder Shagor and Public Relations Officer Barrett. We also discussed RecycleMania! and upcoming events.

First Meeting of Spring Semester (1-16-07)

Our first meeting for the semester will be on January 16th at 10pm in the Comet Cafe. Meetings are open to all UTD students, faculty, and staff and generally last about an hour. For more information, send a message to or show up at a meeting.

Texas Recycles Day (11-15-06)

On November 15th, SEA celebrated Texas Recycles Day in the Student Union with free t-shirts, pizza, and snacks. Most importantly, we collected more than 100 signatures in support of on-campus recycling and more than 60 in support of Waterview recycling. We'd like to thank everyone who helped make this even a success.

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