For more about the environment, see these sites: 


UT Dallas


The University of Texas at Dallas is where we make our home. If you’re a student, you’ve already seen this site. It’s a public, four-year university in Richardson, Texas, on the north side of Dallas. Founded in 1969 as a graduate research institute, it has had freshmen and sophomores since 1990. Now with over 14,000 students and hundreds of distinguished faculty and staff, UTD is on its way to becoming a premier research university, with top-ranking programs in business administration, computer science, and engineering.


SEA has been working on campus at UTD to expand the campus recycling program and add a recycling program to the on-campus housing, Waterview Park Apartments. If you’re on campus, look for our new red bins for bottles and cans.



Environmental Protection Agency


This agency of the federal government was founded in 1970 and tasked with the job of protecting the nation’s health and environment. They offer educational opportunities and access to information about environmental issues and legislation. Most government actions intended to help the environment are conducted through or with the oversight of the EPA.


Sierra Club


The Sierra Club is a private, non-profit organization founded by the famous American naturalist John Muir. The Sierra Club organizes “outings” in which nature lovers can explore the outdoors and enjoy the earth’s beauty. The Sierra Club also lobbies for earth-friendly legislation and encourages individuals to enjoy and protect nature.