Waukesha One Leadership Implementation Webinar

Waukesha One Leadership Implementation Webinars - Project RED

Project RED (learn about the organization below) has created a series of webinars aimed at aiding schools/administrators interested in implementing a technology infused environment, similar to the environment that will exist for schools as they become Waukesha One schools.

While these webinars have not been developed with Waukesha One specifically in mind, leaders will be well served by the expertise in the implementation of a 1:1 environment that Project RED staff and webinar presenters offer.  The webinars are intended to provide new concepts, prior experiences, access to best practices, and to develop a series of "conversation starters" for School District of Waukesha buildings and staffs to better prepare for the conversion to a Waukesha One environment.


Where we’ve been

Project RED conducted the first and only national study of education technology to focus on student achievement and financial implications. In our research of nearly 1,000 schools, we discovered a replicable design for successfully introducing technology into the classroom- one that leads to improved student performance and cost benefits. Learn more.

Where we are (join us!)

We are gathering together visionary district leaders to implement technology based upon the Project RED method. Be part of our revolution.  Sign up for the Project RED Community to gain access to exclusive webinars, institutes, resources and support.  Join now.

Where we're going

Through our efforts, we hope to achieve second-order, transformational change in schools.  Join our Project RED Community today to be part of the highly-anticipated results of tomorrow. 

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