Welcome to the new Super Designers United homepage!!!
Special thanks to Ailurus and Corvus Corax for making the biggest cooperations in SDU history!!!! Thanks to them our site is running and we can deserve being called an xp team!!!!
New releases!! 25 December 2010
SDU has released most Tropical Coniferous Forest Biome Pack, with the exception of the plants that need ES and the military macaw. You can download it on the Bonus Downloads section of the Download Database, here in the site. We hope you enjoy using our new downloads, and remember, if you find a bug report it to us. Oh, and Merry Christmas everybody!
SDU 3rd anniversary!! 16 December 2010
SDU have reached its 3rd anniversary as designing team!
New download!! 20 November 2010
We have released a bonus download: a remake of the Mexican wolf. Download it on the Bonus Downloads page. We also use this time to make another announcement: we have old members of the team returning: AFM and Mad Head, as well as new members: Eotyrannus and Royboy.
New homepage!! 18 September 2010
We now have a new homepage with a more modern look and totally updated to the actual state of SDU. We hope you enjoy our new homepage. We have also to announce that Zerosvalmont, Slice and Arctos92 have joined SDU.
Back to usual 08 August 2010
We are now back to our usual speed, now we count with 6 members active (Millenium4000, Koiking, Sircosmius, Dinosaur, Ringo and Realy) and three helpers (Zoo Fanatic/Nemo, Zerosvalmont and Austroraptor) and we assure better results.  
We are back! 30 July 2010
Ok. First of all, hi all. Then, for those who where asking where I was, here is the answer: I was leaving design.
But frankly, I dont want all designers work in WNW to go to trash, so I will be back to the ZT2 community. I promised: "If I dont say WNW has stopped, it isnt." so, it has not stopped yet, and SDU (or what survived of it...) is on the works.
As of now, only me, Zoodiacosaurus, Koiking and Sircosmius are still working on this. If any of the previous SDU designers want to join back, notify me.
Realy, Leader of SDU 
The mountain beaver, greater prairie chicken and 5 plants from the North America have been released. Download them, as always in the WNW download database.