Qualtrics User Guide

This page helps Qualtrics users set up an account at SDSU and learn how to create useful surveys. Users may choose to learn how to use Qualtrics by watching video tutorials, reading written tutorials, and/or referring to quick job aid links as needed. The Training Videos section provides a very useful beginner tutorial for new users, along with advanced tutorials for users who want to build logic into surveys. Also, in the Written Tutorials section, find step-by-step guides that will help all users create, edit, distribute, and analyze surveys effectively. At the end of this page, notice a wealth of useful links to Job Aids that provided targeted support for specific tasks for building surveys.

Create a New Account

To create a SDSU COE Qualtrics account follow these steps:
  1.  Download and follow the instructions to set up an account.
  2. Next, follow this link to log-in to the COE Quatrics site.

Training Videos

Video tutorials provide instructions on how to create, distribute and analyze surveys. Users who have never made a survey in Qualtrics should start by watching the Beginner Level Basics video. Those who are familiar with how to use Qualtrics and want to learn more about how to write effective survey questions should watch the Intermediate Level video. Finally, after learning the basics, watch the Advanced Level Customization video to build logic into surveys. After completing the tutorials, use the Job Aid section at the end of this page for follow-up support.
  • Beginner Level Basics - A 30 minute tutorial for new users. For those who have never used Qualtrics, start by watching this video, then watch the other videos listed below. After completion of this video tutorial, new users of Qualtrics will be able to create and distribute surveys, as well as view results.
  • Intermediate Level - This 10 minute video is for those who have completed the Beginner Level basics video and are ready to write survey questions. The tutorial reviews the principles of writing clear, specific, and neutral survey questions. After completing this video tutorial, Qualtrics users will be able to produce reliable results with well written questions.
  • Advanced Level Customization - In this 30 minute video, users who are familiar with how to create a basic survey, learn about building logic into surveys such as skip, display, carry forward, randomization, quota conditions email triggers, piped text and question branching options. After completing this video, Qualtrics users will be able to organize intelligent answer choices that correspond with relevant follow-up questions.


Written Tutorials

Qualtrics University provides written tutorials with step-by-step guidance. The links below will help Qualtrics users accomplish the four most critical skills for successfully creating a survey. This section can be used as an alternative to the training videos listed above and provide useful screen shot images to enhance learning comprehension. After reviewing the written tutorials, refer to the Job Aid section at the end of this page for help with specific tasks.
  • Create New Survey - Guide for using the Survey Builder tool to start a new survey. This tutorial will help Qualtrics users learn how to create, save, copy, and access a survey in the Survey Library.
  • Edit Questions - How-to modify question types and answer choices to collect more accurate data. The tutorial will help Qualtrics users change the look and feel of a question and apply survey logic rules to a question.
  • Distribute - Contains steps for delivering a survey to respondents. After completing this tutorial, Qualtrics users will be able activate a survey and send an anonymous link to respondents.
  • View Results of a Survey - Explore functions for viewing the results after respondents complete the survey. After viewing this tutorial, Qualtrics users will be able to find the responses to a survey.
  • Analyze Data - Information about how to access reporting features. After viewing this tutorial, Qualtrics users will be able to organize data into charts and graphs.


Job Aids

Qualtrics University offers job aids to help users. The links below provide quick help guides with step-by-step instructions for accomplishing specific task while using Qualtrics. Select a topic (below) to find detailed instructions.

Start a New
Change Question
Build Question
Design Survey Look & Feel
Control Delivery Options

Modify Question Display

Embedding Special Features
Control Survey Navigation
Modify Font &
Prepare Data for Analysis