More About San Diego Solar Cooking Club


The club was started in June, 2007 by word of mouth and email.  The first event was a demonstration featuring one solar cook, four home-made ovens from cardboard and aluminum foil, and 4 solar cooked sample dishes: carrot cake, rice, swiss chard...I can't remember what else!  I was inspired by what I had seen was possible at Earth Day the year prior.  Our fist oven-making workshop was during a week of activities sponsored by San Diego Food Not Lawns ( in August, 2007.  We created cardboard cutouts for the Parvathi Solar Cooker and SCI's panel cooker ( and gave basic solar cooking instructions.  Our club grew as we expanded with ( and held events where passers-by could see us at parks.  We also did demonstrations at Earth Day fairs, green festivals, Solar Education Day, National Solar Energy Conference, etc.  We have also since given oven workshops on 4 different kinds of ovens and our membership is now at 106.  Our workshops and ovens have gotten progressively more sophisticated as we all learn from each other.



During the best cooking months (Feb. - Nov.) we try to meet approximately once a month either as part of a bigger event or for a cooking demonstration and potluck at a local park, usually on a Saturday or Sunday.  We also hold frequent oven-building workshops.  Solar Cooking Events