IRC Help

Do you want to chat with others from r/stopdrinking?
Our main chat is:
  • The Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel "#stopdrinking" on the snoonet IRC network. You can access it by pointing your favorite IRC client to port 6667 or 6697 for SSL. Note this address is .org, not .com. Or you can use snoonet's browser-based IRC client, snoonet's webchat or direct from the kiwi site (be sure to pick a nick name before logging in, use the kiwi link if the webchat causes you problems).
  • There are also more formal IRC meetings in #stopdrinkingmeeting from time to time. They get announced either in #stopdrinking or in /r/stopdrinking
Sometimes, usually spontaneously, we also meet at:
  • The ICanHazChat web based chat with optional video (don't worry, you don't need a camera to participate).
Wherever it be, come in, say "hi" and stay a while. Or, if you just want to lurk, that's fine too.  


To get a flavor of the more silly-side of the channel take a look at our quote database.

Recommended clients

The webchat web-based client (kiwi) will get you connected quickly with no fuss but for maximum enjoyment consider using a dedicated IRC client. There are many to choose from and this is not the best place to go into detail on all that are available but here are some popular recommendations:
  • hexchat for Linux and Windows (this is an improved version of xchat), or weechat for a great terminal based client.
  • LimeChat for Mac OS X
  • mIrc an old school Windows client

Retaining anonymity

Since keeping our anonymity is important to a lot of us here take note that snoonet provides some features to assist in this by hiding the IP number that one uses to connect with from other users of the system. If you don't happen to care about this that's okay and you need not do anything special.  On the other hand, if you do then read on.

Snoonet will automatically garble your actual IP address or hostname when you connect.  Even though your actual IP address will not be shared, it may be possible for others to determine your general location (that is, state or country), based on the garbled version.

You can go further and get a permanent "cloak" by registering your NICK (nickname) and requesting a cloak.

Registering your nick

Here is how to register a nick:
/msg NickServ register PASSWORD USER@EXAMPLE.COM
If you don't promptly receive a reply email message, check your spam folder (especially if you use gmail).

Once your nick is registered, you can request a cloak by typing EXACTLY this:
/msg hostserv take user/$account

To identify yourself (e.g. login) later, it is easiest to use the password field on your irc client or on the webchat. However, if that should happen to fail, you can identify yourself manually like so:
/msg NickServ identify PASSWORD
Your cloak will not be activated until you've identified with NickServ.

You can make sure no one uses your nick when you are not around by doing
/msg NickServ set enforce on
You can see what others see about you by typing /whois