Updated February 02, 2018


One of the founding teams with the Tuggers Nuts. A very strong franchise with now 6 banners hanging from the rafters. The 2018 season will be one of rebuild as the Avolanche rid themselves of older players like Beltre, Ortiz and Jansen and replace them with Berrios, Mejia and Seager.  It will be a short rebuild though as the shrewd drafting of the manager with the most amount of titles will lead to another strong team in 2019.

Team built around  Corey Seager and youth
President and General Manager: George Avola
Assistant General Manager : Mathew Avola
Other team names : Jetstreams(1989-1994)
World Titles :6(1993, 1995, 1997, 2002, 2007, 2016)


After missing the playoffs in 2017 for the first time in 20 years, the Enforcers are back with vengeance. Through shrewd deals the manager has retooled the team with the injection of youth and talent. Led by the core three and  the acquisitions of Michael Conforto, Trea Turner ,Marcel Ozuna and Jose Ramirez the team will have a powerful offence and strong defense.  Not done there the manager also brought back fan favorite Jacob degrom to help balance the pitching staff. As well as having  multiple first round picks for the first time EVER, the team is entering the draft anticipating a return to the championship finals. 

Team built around: Andrew McCutchen, Giancarlo Stanton and Paul Goldschmidt
President and General Manager: Jeff MacDuff
Team motto : CRUSH THEM ALL
Arch Nemesis: Everybody else in the League
World Titles: 4 (2000,2001,2005, 2015)


BigMac’s drafted a team from scratch in 1994 after the original league folded. A very shrewd trader Alec often takes quite a while to make a trade, but very rarely makes a bad one. As a result, the BigMac’s have celebrated two championships since 2009. The BigMacs look to be strong in the years to come with a roster stocked with young stars.

Team built around ????.
President and General Manager: Alec MacGregor
Assistant General Manager: Jacob MacGregor
World Titles:3 (2009, 2011, 2013)


The Junkyard Dogs came into existence in 1998 replacing the Alberta Prairie Dogs. Taking over a depleted roster, they quickly built a power house team within a year. Despite the still strange league decision to "start over" and have an auction the following year, management still managed to build a powerful team which went on to win back to back championships in 2003 and 2004.

Team built around ????
President and General Manager: Jamie McCrory
CEO: Casey McCrory
World Titles: 2 (2003, 2004)


Since 2004, there have been three constant in life: death, taxes, and the 208s franchise playing in the SDSL playoffs. That's 16 straight seasons and counting, which include four 2nd place finishes, two division titles, and two league championships. In recent years the team has been in flux and not as impressive on paper: older members going, cheap filler being acquired for the short term, and young blood being infused into the system. But collectively they've kept their "never give up" mentality on the table at all times. Now in 2018, fans and media are starting to take notice, and for the first time in years the 208s are among the favourites to win it all. With the main core barely entering their primes, there's no telling how long this team can stay near the top of the SDSL. 

Team build around: Carlos Correa, Kris Bryant, and Gary Sanchez

Head of Scouting: it's a secret!

Championships: 2 (2008, 2012).


The WIB come into 2018 as one of the preseason favourites, thanks in no small part to owning the first three picks in a draft rich with talent. After a year spent at the bottom of the standings, it will be nice to be playing meaningful games at the cottage this year, and if all goes as planned, “Crazy Jason” might be dormant this year. However, as the one and only team to finish 14th in the SDSL, the WIB manager knows that there are always some bumps in the road. The usual suspects are back as perennial WIB stars Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper return, but it’s the new blood in the form of Aaron Judge, Tommy Pham and others that really has the fans excited about the coming year. With Yankee Stadium providing the backdrop, it should be a great year to grab a ball in the bleachers as a WIB supporter. 

Team built around: The Dynamic Duo
Team Motto: Always finish above the Sox, because shit runs downhill
World Titles: 1 (2014)


The Catalyst enter the 2018 season after trading Clayton Kershaw in 2017. How could they build a good rotation after losing a dominant pitcher? The answer is easy. Gone is one Cy Young pitcher, but back are 2 Cy Young winners in Corey Kluber and MaxScherzer. The rest of the staff includes strong cards in Yu Darvish, Ervin Santana and the emergence James Paxton. The pitching looks strong, but other than Charlie Blackmon and Joey Votto the offense is lesser than some of the top contenders and will need to improve via the draft. The team has some solid young pieces in Alex Bregman and Brendan Rodgers. The Catalyst should make the playoffs without any worry, but will they finally win the championship.. Stay tuned.

World Titles: 0


Every season the Sluggers team motto is "best team ever". With zero titles to date, fans are starting to wonder if these self-proclaimed best teams can really compete with the big boys in the SDSL. One things for certain, they'll need a new motto for 2018 as the team enters a rebuild. Let's hope the fans stick around to see it through!

Team build around: Chris Sale and Yoan Moncada

Other interests: Pro scout for the NPB. 

Championships: 0.


Fans just can't smell what the Shit Sox are cooking. No player seems safe as management isn't afraid to ship players out while trying to find a solid balance of present and future. Maybe one year everything will click, but it seems a 2019 focus is already in play for the former Boys. Here's hoping the Shit Sox don't drop a complete stinker in 2018!

Team built around: Manny Machado and Anthony Rizzo. 

Team sponsor: Tide with (extra) bleach. 

Championships: 0.


Washington Capitals, Buffalo Bills, and the Overbays. Three teams loaded with talent but can't seem to perform past the regular season. The caps thought about dealing their star, so will the overbays cut their losses and deal away Trout? It's not likely, but something needs to give. Depending on the draft this team could be in the mix in 2018, but based on history, management need not worry about being a commissioner in 2019. 

Team built around: Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw

Prize possession: the Baydium

Championships: 0


In their 6 seasons in the SDSL the Masterbatters have been in the playoffs once, and have never finished above .500 for the season. Yet management gets worked up when preseason magazines pick them near the bottom every year. Maybe it's time for a major shakeup before this entire franchise gets demoted to the strato minor leagues!

Team built around: George Springer and Kyle Schwarber

RIP: #JDF16 #Ace30

Championships: 0.