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If you brick your phone, it’s not my fault.

Backup your data, or you will lose it.

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Concepts & Vocabulary 

   What is TRIM support in Android 4.3 and why should you care? | Pocketnow 


                        Verizon unlimited data users can get 6GB for $30 when upgrading through Edge 


    Verify that your downloads are complete with MD5/SHA-1 Hash Checksums   

    [How To] Use ADB/fastboot  /Moto-fastboot

backing up contacts/  not syncing / Process com.motorola.contacts has stopped unexpectedly

APN Settings 


Activation  /no dial pad (Verizon)

Skipping Activation 

Can’t text, sync, or download anything from the play store 

    12/31/1969 timestamp error 

    Google Account/   can't sign in/ using 2-step verification

Motorola Stock Roms

    What does SBF mean? 

Low Battery Options/ TBH Factory Adaptor  

    Motorola Drivers Installing and Troubleshooting 

    RSD Lite  mirrors

SBF/ XML downloads 

How to save/stop updates 

Failed Flashing Process, Unable to retrieve initialization values from INI file (0x7029) 

    Phone Info

    Serial Number 

    MEID/ ESN/ 

Enter your Device ID to check Verizon Activation eligibility 


GSM / GPRS / EDGE/ 3G / HSDPA / HSPA (plus) and LTE 

Why did phone’s 3g icon changed to a H with an up and down arrow? 

Is your Android phone's bootloader unlocked? Is it SIM unlocked? What's the difference? 

RadioComm   used to remove Verizon Radio band & Tethering locks

Root Tools 

ROOT] Framaroot, a one-click .APK to root  (D2, DX, R2D2, D2G)

[HOW TO] Install/Use Droid 2/X/3 Bootstrap 

Installing V6 Supercharger on Motorola running Gingerbread Rom 

ROMs  /AOSP/CyanogenMod/ AOKP/ GAPPs 

Gapps  /What are Gapps?

    Other   free online file conversion


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xda-developers XDA BBcode Index 

DroidForum BBcode Index 

VisualPing  - Visual Website Monitoring. Simplified.

How to get notified whenever a website changes  | ITworld 

Have I been Pwned? tells you if your email details have been stolen 


Concepts & Vocabulary

  • Concepts : "rooting", "sideloading", "jailbreaking", "flashing", "unlocking", "unlocking a bootloader" explained!

  • More concepts : kinds of memory-- "RAM", "Internal storage", etc. and common Android "partitions"/directories

  • Glossary of Common Terminology 

Wiki [INFO] Exploit (computer security)   used in gaining root access

DjrBliss What is Rooting? / Plagiarism in the Android Rooting Scene 

RootJunky Android For Dummies

RootJunky Understanding Android

RootJunky   [Video] Android device hacking explained 

VeriZon Wireless Verizon’s Network Optimization  (for users with unlimited data plans)

Moto [List] Motorola Firmware Update List  will moto update my phone?

Wiki [INFO] Android version history - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

CW [INFO] CyanogenMod 10.0 Release | CyanogenMod 

Droid X Forums Android Dictionary 

DroidForum A Dummies Guide To Android Terminology & Lingo 

Droid X Forums A Dummies Guide to Android Terminology & Lingo 

Droid X Forums Newb's read this.... commonly asked questions 

XDA [INFO] Is my device ARMv6 or ARMv7?  

cdg    [INFO] Acronyms & Definitions         CDMA Development Group 

xda-developers What does * mean? - GLOSSARY 

xda-developers [INFO] "New User Guide Terms Android" 

xda-developers Acronyms  Glossary 

android central What is an Android launcher? 

What is a 2nd init rom ?

eHOW What Is USB Debugging for an Android? 

VZW USB Debugging Mode  

Wikipedia List of United States wireless communications service providers 

Google Drive Motorola System Info and what it means 


12/31/1969 timestamp error

Date is coming up as Dec 31 1969???   


A date of Dec 31 1969 means either the date field is blank, not being read correctly, or is beyond the scope of the current Unix timestamp limits. Since the Unix time in milliseconds starts at Jan 1, 1970, the default for any error will display Dec 31, 1969. Your dates could be older than that, and thus will not display correctly when you convert them from a DATETIME field. I would say the problem lies with the value in the database column not being within the range on the current Unix timestamp limits



DroidForum can not activate phone/ no dial pad on *228 /

xda-developers No keypad during activation work around   (dial *228+)

Dial *22891 to update the PRL or *22899 to program the phone and update the PRL both 

xda-developers reactivating PagePlus with 3G Data  written for bionic, but good info see         -------------------------------------------------------------------------see STEP 2: PHONE PROGRAMMING

G [App] Android System Info  lots of info including MEID in system >Telephony

VZW []   check esn 

Skipping Activation

Activation and skipping  activation:

if phone reboots to activation screen, touch android to activate or if you do not wish to activate with verizon, use four corners activation skip 

xda-developers [How To] Bypass google activation on Android devices  pic 

Droid X Forums Bypass Android Activation Screen on Motorola Droid 

YouTube  [Video] How to bypass activation on the Droid 2  -Tomsgt123 



GSM / GPRS / EDGE/ 3G / HSDPA / HSPA (plus) and LTE 

Is your Android phone's bootloader unlocked? Is it SIM unlocked? What's the difference? 

HSPA, High Speed Packet Access

Why did phone’s 3g icon changed t o a H with an up and down arrow.?

Originally Posted by Gasai Yuno  

H is HSPA, High Speed Packet Access. It's often called 3.5G due to higher speeds compared to UMTS.

…For a CDMA user, HSPA is virtually “4G”.



Online MEID Converter - Convert ESN,MEID, and IMEI from HEX  

Dial *#06# to find devices MEID HEX (A000002d3443r2) if your label is unreadable

Dial *#*#4636#*#* to find devices MEID HEX, change radio settings & other info

Phone Serial Number  Press *#06# (star - pound - zero - six - pound) in your dialer to see the Serial number or this 

VZW []   check esn 


can’t text or sync email download anything from the play store

Moto [GUIDE] will not let me download anything from the play store 

can’t text or sync email there is a couple of options that may have changed

menu>system settings>battery & data manager>

data saver  should be uncheck, unless you are trying to limit data usage


menu>system settings>battery & data manager>data delivery 

check 'data enabled'

check 'background data'

note: exact locations may vary


Android Fix: Error 923 while downloading or updating app in Google Play Store
1. Go to menu>Settings> Accounts>>Google>>Remove your Gmail account
2. menu>Settings>Apps>manage>All> Google Play Store, Force stop, Clear data and cache, Uninstall Updates, rewipe data and cache
3. menu>Settings>Apps>manage>All> Google Service Framework, Force stop, Clear data and cache
4. menu>Settings>Apps>manage>All> Download Manager Force stop, Clear data and cache
5. menu>settings>> Accounts>>Google>>Add your Gmail account
Restart your android and then accept all the Google terms and setup Google settings 
Rerun Google Play Store and update or install your app


What is Encrypting File System (EFS)?

BitLocker Vs. Encrypting File System (EFS)

What is the /efs folder?  This is a very sensitive system folder that contains Phone-specific information such as the IMEI (encrypted in the nv_data.bin), wireless devices MAC addresses, product code (also in the nv_data.bin), and much more. Often users trying to change product codes or trying to unlock the mobile will end up corrupting data in this location.


LH [GUIDE]  Android uses RAM differently  Lifehacker

Increase the read/write speed of the SD card 

xda-developers [Tutorial] How To Logcat  Logcat or it never happened. 


Google Drive How to save/stop 

Google Drive manual apk conversion user to system 

LJ    [GUIDE] How to Take Droid X Screenshots from Windows  Lance’s Journal 

VZW [GUIDE]   Verizon’s FAQs 

Google Drive The Differences Between: The Droid 2, Milestone2, R2D2,and the Droid 2 Global 

xda-developers [Project Cheesecake] Need YOUR help! 

xda-developers Project Cheesecake App [v1.6][Latest Update: 1/21/2013] 

AF [List] Cheesecake servers list ( Moto update servers)

xda-developers =V6 SuperCharger= & Die-Hard Battery Calibrator 


Accounts and contacts

VZW []   Backup Assistant℠ Plus: Contacts 

Google Drive 

Google Drive backing up contacts/ contacts not syncing 

2-step verification

Start by visiting 

How to receive codes

1. Mobile application Google Authenticator app 

2. Backup phones, receive a code by automated call or text

3. Printable backup codes

Warning: If your phone is unavailable, these codes will be the only way to sign in to your account. Keep them someplace accessible, like your wallet.

Google Authenticator app  generates 2-step verification codes on your phone.

Enable 2-step verification to protect your account from hijacking by adding another layer of security. With 2-step verification signing in will require a code generated by the Google Authenticator app in addition to your account password.

Google How to generate an application-specific password   if using 2-step verification...

YouTube Video Watch the video on application-specific passwords 


Battery Info 

Completely discharging a DEWALT battery pack may cause damage to the cells in the battery. Completeley running down a battery may damage it, resulting in decreased run time or early end of life. 

every time a Li-ion battery is fully discharged, it loses battery power and life. 

mostly about 4,2Vnot 3,7v

Li-ion should never be discharged too low 

How to Prolong Lithium-based Batteries - Battery University 

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Zip  file-compression utility .ZIP, ,RAR,.TAR, .GZ, and its own .7z format


SBF/XML recovery

locked and encrypted bootloader on several popular Motorola phones has been exploited, ...not  OMAP powered phones  

What does SBF mean? 


Low Battery  Options

xda-developers [Howto] Fix "Battery Low - Cannot program  use with care, you can fry your battery and/or phone

better option

Motorola "Factory Cable”

So you flashed your phone and now it thinks the battery is dead (even though it's not) and it won't let you flash it again to fix it?  Or, your battery really is dead and you don't have a way to charge it because your phone is soft-bricked and won't charge the battery.  What do you do? With this cable you don't even need a battery in your phone.  

YouTube  Team Black Hat Factory Cable Adaptor for Motorola Devices!- by DroidModd3rX 



a. $10 Motorola Factory Cable Adaptor by Team Black Hat 

b.   Fastboot Motorola Factory Cable- ebay

Make (not recommended)

a.  How to make your own Motorola "Factory Cable" 

b.  How/why to make your own Motorola "Factory Cable"       




SBF/ XML downloads

1KDS [SBF] ezSBF/ RSD lite/ SBFs/ moto drivers by 1KDS  alt site 

SDD [SBF] Droid SBF files 

                              list of sbfs and bootstrap recoverys for older devices


Google Drive How to save/stop 


Motorola Drivers

It’s a good idea to reboot pc after installing drivers


Dev-Host Motorola_End_User_Driver_Installation_5.9.0_ Dev-H 

MediaFire Motorola_End_User_Driver_Installation_5.9.0 



Driver Errors

YouTube   Device Drivers Install -by Tomsgt123 USBDeview    for troubleshooting faulty USB device drivers

Once you get a Device driver could not be installed message from Windows, ...Start Motorola Driver Installer once again, and let it finish. Then ... head to Device Manager, find the Unknown device, and in its properties' Driver tab click Update driver…. It should now install normally.

may need to reboot pc-from 


if that does not work

download this file

Moto Drivers Drivers win 7 64bit.rar 

unzip, and copy to  C:\Program Files\Common Files\Motorola Shared\Mobile Drivers\Drivers

open Windows Device Manager

Motorola device should look something like this

if you see a yellow triangle like this

drivers are not correct


Failed Flashing Process, Unable to retrieve initialization values from INI file (0x7029)

Failed Flashing Process, Unable to retrieve initialization values from INI file (0x7029); phone connected



RSD Lite

Google Drive How to use  RSD Lite 

RSD Lite 5.6     RSD Lite 5.7     RSDLite5.7.rar    

RSD Lite 6.1.4      6.1.4 -Dev_Host 

RSDLite  6.1.5-DevHost 


RSD Lite 6.1.5 and mtk_patch28 md5:6b0e4c70afa07ed2af3af9926e7b941a

DevHost    MediaFire  4Shared 

RDS Lite older versions 

[SBF] flash with linux or mac with sbf_flash

xda-developers How to: sbf on linux (and now OSX!  written for X2

LH [GUIDE] How to burn an .iso on mac 

MY [GUIDE] Boot your Mac from CD, DVD, external drive, or USB flash drive 

Oracle VM VirtualBox  run ezSBF, or Ubuntu/ sbf_flash from windows

and-developers Milestone partitions 

droid-developers CDT_DroidX 



RadioComm v.11.12.2 

RadioComm 11.11.10 

Cdma Workshop 2.7 - Phone Flashing Software 

Guide How to Read MSL/SPC code 


SBF Codec by lucrece (SBF repacker) 


what does SBF mean?

An SBF, or system boot file, is an image which restores the phone to its default, “straight from the factory” state (software-wise).- 


Originally Posted by ovelayer

sbf means set back to factory

xml is one of the files used by rsdlite to do this


Originally Posted by king..kranium 

Dude, that's not true. Sbf stands for system binary file.


Originally Posted by cellzealot  30th March 2013,

SBF is a file type and stands for Single Binary File that is the older format of Motorola flash files for use with RSD lite or other flash tools.

They include all of the code groups, header files and checksums for all of the device partition images in a single file and flashed from the legacy boot loader enumerated as a flash device.

The new format for all dual core Motorola devices is zip archive of fastboot images and an XML file that can be used with RSD lite to flash in a single operation or flashed as individual images using the fastboot binary and DLLs in the Android SDK from the fastboot boot loader and enumerated as an ADB device.

These are entirely different modes of access and operation and SBF is both wrong and a misnomer for the firmware files for current devices.

The fast boot interface provides far more flexibility and safety for flashing than the old flash interface and avoids all kinds of problems that would arise from managing and updating he firmware on newer chipset devices.

It is an extremely important distinction to make and understanding to have about how these phones work.

Please stop using SBF when referring to files.

The current acronym for Motorola firmware files is FXZ and means Full XML ZIP file.”

Root Tools

DjrBliss What is Rooting? / Plagiarism in the Android Rooting Scene 


#Superuser -by CLOCKWORKMOD  (koush)

Superuser  by CHAINSDD 


[Video] Universal UnRoot App for any device 

[ROOT] Framaroot, a one-click .APK to root   

[Video] “Super Easy Droid X, Droid 2 Rooting app” 

I have verified it works with these Motorola devices running android 2.3.4

Droid 2 (a955), Droid 2 Global (a956), R2D2 (a957), & Droid X (MB810)

have fun with your rooted phone that motorola/verizon worked so hard to keep you from rooting and consider donating to dan rosenburg  the creator of many motorola root tools

DjrBliss Motochopper  (for 4.1.2 build for Razr HD)  by  Dan Rosenberg mirror 

DjrBliss razrs_edge root by DjrBliss  (Dan Rosenberg)  (ICS) direct link 

DjrBliss Razr Blade utility (JELLYBEAN)  by Dan Rosenberg Dev-Host mirror 

Google Drive Magic MD5 Root 2.3.4 for D2, R2D2, D2G, DX and 2.3.5 for DX2 

Google Drive Using Oracle VM VirtualBox, and Magic MD5 root iso 

DjrBliss MOTOFAIL  “Droid 4” by Dan Rosenberg  make sure you right-click on the file, extract the files to a folder on your PC, and click the ‘run.bat’ file from that folder   Root using a Mac and Motofail 

DjrBliss Droid  3” root by Dan Rosenberg  (manual ADB method)

RW     [ROOT] Droid 3 root Linux version         Instructions 

Google Drive Pete’s Root Tools    

xda-developers Superoneclick Instructions / Downloads 

xda-developers zergRUSH  (may remove google maps causing ota updates install to fail)

MediaFire z4root.apk   (froyo)


DF [ROOT] How to maintain root through any upgrade  (Manual root keeper)

G        [ROOT] Voodoo OTA Root Keeper   Note: do not have ‘su’ backed up when    flashing a rom, it can cause install to fail

G        [APP] Root Check Basic  (are you rooted?)

d                      Superuser info 

DF [ROOT] Busybox - Manual Install How To Guide 

RootJunky How to make a Android device a wi-fi only Phone 



keyboard backlight controller  link to market 

How To Install an APK File from SD Card 

Google Play Store JuiceDefender - battery saver    clothednblack’s  JuiceDefender Settings 

XDA   [GUIDE] [HACK] How to move games' SD card data to internal memory 

Phandroid The Big List of Home Launchers  - March 22, 2013 (237 and counting...)

XDA   [INDEX] The Big List of Home Launchers - April 27, 2013 

android central What is an Android launcher? 

XDA   [APK] Seeder 2.0.0 entropy generator to provide significant lag reduction 

G [App] Plan B  lost or your phone stolen?

G [App] Clipper +- Clipboard Manager  now with sync     site 

XDA [APP] [MOD][ICS] The Google Now for ICS Project [ARMv6 & v7] 

XDA [APP] Adobe Flash Player 4.0+ 

Adobe Flash Player Download 

        Offline Maps and Navigation 

G [App] Navfree USA: Free Satnav 

The map data is stored on your device so there is no need for a constant data connection

G [App] Sygic: GPS Navigation   free 7 day trial

prices Sygic | Sygic GPS Navigation Offline for Android 

G [App] Titanium Backup 

G [App] SMS Backup + 

G [App] Barcode Scanner 

G [App] Screebl (keep your screen on when you are using phone)

[APP] Glympse  let others know where you are

[APP] AccuWeather 

[APP] Torch

[APP] TWiT Play  (this Week In Tech) TWiT Live for Android 

[APP] Google Voice  (get your voicemails by email)

G [App] Changelog  will show apps that were updated

[APP] Tunein  listen to your favorite radio station on the net

[APP] Lookout  backup your phone and remote wipe if stolen

[APP] photobucket  automatically upload/backup your photos

[APP] Ringtone Rotator 

XDA [APP] ButtonRemapper 

[APP] screenshot 

G        [App] Script Manager 


Pete’s Root Tools

Note: most devices, that are rootable with Pete’s, are rootable

with MOTOFAIL  “Droid 4” by Dan Rosenberg 

download Pete’s Root Tools mirror 1   mirror2   mirror3   

PC directions

1. Make sure you have Motorola drivers  installed

2. Download and unzip pete's root tools 

3. On your phone: Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging(check box)

4. Plug phone into computer and select "Charge Only" usb mode

5. Navigate to 'petes root 1.07' folder and run 'Pete's Motorola Root Tools.exe'

6. Now just follow the instructions in the command window and unlock the phone after each reboot.

if program can't find phone, try toggling USB debugging off/on

RW     [ROOT] original thread Instructions 

Pete’s original  site



Android Open Source: Welcome to the Android Open Source Project! 

AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

The CyanogenMod ROM is based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

What is a 2nd init rom ?

AOKP is a popular new ROM, but what are the differences to CyanogenMod? 


What is AOKP ROM? How Is It Different From CM9? All You Ever Wanted To Know About AOKP ROM! 

[DIY] How To Compile Your Own Nightlies (and Learn Something in the Process) EDITED 

HOWTO :: repack and sign ROM image update .zip files 

Free Your Android - How to Sign APKs/ROM ZIPs 

[How-To] Signing ROMs - Android Forum s

GD [INFO] [How To] Remove Kernel Check on a Rom  without resigning

show Developer Options in cm10.1

Menu>settings>about phone> tap build number several times and it will bring up dev options


DF [ROM] [OFFICIAL THREAD] Steel Droid - 2-6-2013  




Motorola MOTO ME811 (Motorola Shadow)  

DROID™ X MB810/ME811 SBF Firmware Thread 

unlocked bootloader

boot to fastboot flash mode, to see if phone is unlocked

other  pages 

Motorola Milestone A854 update 

You need a Motorola OneIT name and password to access the RSD Server

and a valid MASC ID 


PC Client Download 

Downloads Management 

if you don’t know what device you have, or don’t know if it’s rooted click here 

Wanted: Somebody to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. P.O. Box 91 Ocean View, WA 99393. You'll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before-By John Silveira 

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