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Westside Lumber Sn3 Layout

In August of 2012, we visited John Constans' Westside Lumber Sn3 Layout on a layout tour.Little did we know that six years later, his widow would donate it to our club in his memory. We have transported it to the side room of our clubhouse, reinforced it, and created a new mount for it. We are now in the process of refurbishing it for public display. Stay tuned for reports on our progress.

Here's what it looked like back in 2012:

You can see why we were so excited to receive this wonderful donation!

The buildings and other loose things had been removed and packed up when we arrived to dismount it and move it to our clubhouse.

We carefully removed it from the garage wall, reinforced it a little, and loaded it into a rented truck for the trip to the clubhouse.

It took three dollies to transport it into our clubhouse in Grossmont Center.

Getting it from the garage wall to our clubhouse was challenging, but the biggest hurdle turned out to be maneuvering it into the side room of the clubhouse. We rolled it under our big modular layout, raised the legs of the corner module, and propped it up while we swung the Sn3 layout around and into the room. We barely made it.

But we did get it in, and temporarily up on two tables until we could build a proper frame and base for it.

Now, that's a proper frame!

And the frame has a two-foot extension so we can recreate the left end of the layout that was cut off when the water heater had to be replaced in the garage.

And the base. Now it's solid. Real solid.

Then we created a rack for the sound system accessories and got them working.

And Raulf is working on getting the engines repaired and working.