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Here are some recent videos of our various layouts. Click here to see videos from 2008 and 2009, the early days of our layout. Another page describes some of the operating details of our main layout, and shows some operating sessions that simulate the operation of a real railroad.

We took our Timesaver Game to the 2018 convention of the NMRA's Pacific Southwest Region (PSR) in San Diego. Members of Boy Scout Troop 11 had a ball playing the game there!

West Side Lumber Company is an Sn3 model railroad layout donated to the club in October of 2018. It is based on the real-life West Side Lumber Company in California's Sierra Nevada mountains. We have moved it to our clubhouse in La Mesa's Grossmont Center, and are in the process of refurbishing it, updating its electronics, and mounting it in our clubhouse. This video, made by the creator of the layout, gives a brief glimpse into the point-to-point operations of the layout.

The Lego Batman Movie Window Layout

The Lego Batman Movie Window Layout

Visitors and Operations June 5, 2016

Visitors & Operations April 30, 2016

Engineer's View Tour of our modular layout February 23, 2016

Engineer's View Tour of the Liberty Loop window layout February 23, 2016

Engineer's View of our modular layout May 4, 2014

Engineer's View Tour of our window layout May 4, 2014

April 2, 2014, tour of our modular layout

Operating Cars on our modular layout ‎(2014)‎

The Exploding Boxcar ‎(2014)‎

Erie Streamliner on theWindow Layout ‎(2014)‎

Engineer's View from the Cab (2014)

Pedestrian's view as the Amtrak Train passes by (2014)

Track-level view of trains in the Powell Yard

Track-level view of trains rounding the end of the layout

Erie and Amtrak Passenger Trains

San Diego Model Railroad Museum visitors interact with Gilbert Accessories

Track-Level view of the club's traveling modular layout

Our fifth year at the Model Railroad Museum

For the fifth Labor Day in a row, the San Diego S Gaugers took our highly acclaimed modular model railroad layout to the San Diego Model Railroad Museum in 2013. These two new videos give you a tour of the layout, highlighting new developments including the U.S.Navy freight train.

Track Level View, Labor Day 2013 at the Model Railroad Museum

The 2011 National Train Show was held July 8 - 10 at the Sacramento Convention Center in conjunction with the combined annual conventions
of the NMRA (National Model Railroad Association) and NASG (National Association of S-Gaugers).  We packed up our modular layout in a
12 X 6 U-Haul trailer and made the 500+ mile trip north.  We learned a lot, made a bunch of new friends, and our layout was very well received.
In fact, when the Channel 3 news crew came to shoot the Lego display, they ended up giving us more air time than the Lego club! Here is their video coverage:

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