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May 2010 S-Fest West

May 1, 2010, the club took four of our rail yard modules to S-Fest West in Arcadia, California.

Because we had never run them separately from the entire layout, a number of special adaptations were necessary.

To enable us to run a small train into and out of the yard, from and to the mainline, we created an eighteen inch extension on each end of the yard.  Each had a stop at the end to prevent accidentally running a train off the end.

The design of our module legs provides stability front to back, but end-to-end stability is provided by the corner modules.  In the absence of the corner modules at S-Fest, we clamped on some cross-bracing to the two end modules.

At the GTE show in December, we decided to split the yard into blocks for better control as we move trains into and out of the yard.  Here Mike and Alex check out and troubleshoot the block structure.

The problem, of course, was in the most inconvenient possible place under the control panel.

All four modules, the equipment to set them up, and most of the trains fit in Mike's truck.  We put each pair of modules on a furniture dolly and piled equipment on them.  That enabled us to haul everything into the hotel in one trip.

We set up the modules at the end of the hall.

We connected the TMCC base unit into the yard control panel.  It had always been on the other side of the layout, on the control panel for the Gilbert Siding.

We added the buildings, trains, and Plexiglas visitor barrier.

We hung the club and NASG banners in front and were ready for the show.

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