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National Train Day 2012

The San Diego S-Gaugers clubhouse was the only site in San Diego approved by Amtrak as a host site for National Train Day 2012.  We made up an advertising flier and posted them all around the county.

We were open from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM and had a steady flow of visitors all day, about 125 in total.

We were especially gratified at the large number that hung out with us for an hour or two, and by the kids that just didn't want to leave - ever!

We had our hands full keeping the operating cars loaded so the kids (of all ages!) could push the buttons to unload them,

And the window layout was a hit with people both inside and outside:

This track-level video gives the flavor of what they came to see and enjoy.

National Train Day 2012 Track-Level Video

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