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131. March 19, 2019

March 19, 2019 - Meeting Summary

The San Diego S-Gaugers held the March club meeting at our clubhouse (304 on the mall map) in Grossmont Center at 10:00am. Attendees were: Mike Forys, Robert Graves, Raulf Polichar, Don Briggs, Alex Sibbald, Wes Noel, Ken Sadlock, Jerry Shiller, Les Smith and Dale Minard.

Introduction of new faces / Show and Tell:

Dale Minard presented two new MTH refrigerator cars from NASG that had been backordered for some time. Ken Sadlock displayed a brass replica bell labeled GWRR Co 1878. Don Briggs described a railroad trip he took on the Bright Line in Florida. Raulf Polichar demonstrated the sound and operation of #12 Shay SN3 locomotive. The engine is fragile and required many hours of dedication to get to this point.

Treasurer’s Report:

Robert Graves reported that we received $290.74 from visitor donations. He reported that we had a monthly electric bill of $108.65 which was considerably down from last month.

Standards Report:

Raulf Polichar dismantled and transformed the SN3 Shay #12 into a smooth, running machine with working lights. Raulf has been busy replicating the integration of sound and operation of our recently obtained 1970’s era, DC, Sn3 Locomotives.

Publicity Report:

Les Smith is working on a new club pamphlet for distribution this month. The club discussed the value of the club advertising in the S Gaugian after obtaining zero emails or new members from it.

Old Business:

New Clinics:

No new clinic ideas were suggested.


The Streeterville layout has been cleaned up and prepared for its turn in the window.

SN3 Addition Status.

The SN3 layout has lighting and electricity thanks to Wes Noel. It is stable and moveable thanks to the carpenter efforts of Dale Minard. Mike Forys is installing the missing three foot end piece.

Window Layout Success and Visitor Attendance:

As of 03/16/2019 the window layout button has been pushed 1,865 times since our last meeting, 124,480 times since we installed it at Grossmont Center and 163,962 times since day one.

New Business:

Future events:

The next meetings will be on Tuesdays, April 16th and May 21st and will be held at our clubhouse (suite 304 on the mall map) in Grossmont Center at 10AM. The work day for March has been cancelled due to extended hours on the following Saturday.

Grossmont Center / Shop Local Saturday:

The Shop Local Saturday will be held on March 30th and we will participate by encouraging, the public to tryout our Timesaver Layout that will be located out in the promenade under a canopy. The clubhouse will be open at 10 AM to support this event.

Window Displays:

The Ceramic Christmas display is being replaced with the Easter Display. Mike Forys also replaced the Christmas packages with Chocolate Easter Eggs.

Test Track:

Raulf has located an appropriate board for building a multi-gauge test track. Test track will include S, Sn3, O, HO and N gauge track.

Youth Participation:

Ideas were discussed concerning youth participation in our favorite hobby. The club will host a young model railroad enthusiast this month in a module enhancement project.


The club needs to inventory the generous donations of trains and electronics to document items for sale. Members will stay after the meeting today to help clean track.

Presentation Items:

The club discussed the clubhouse addition of several display items made available by Gary Jarvis. Items have been on display at the Miniature Museum located near Palomar Airport.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:15 AM.

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