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2008: Building the First 8 Modules

From June to December of 2008, the focus of club activity was the design and construction of the first eight modules (four corners and four straight modules) to display at the December Great Train Expo show.
Peter Gagnon (center) and Mike Forys (right) collaborated on CAD drawings of the modules using 3rdPlanit software.  Prior to cutting any wood, we reviewed the plans to ensure understanding and concensus.  That's Bob Graves on the left.
Alex Sibbald (left) and Mike watch as Peter makes the historic first cut.
Peter's saw did a great job cutting the mitered corners for the module frames.
Here Mike glues and screws a corner as Alex and a corner clamp hold the frame steady.
The last piece of framing on each corner module was a center 2X2.  It will not only help structural integrity, but will also reduce the sounding board effect of train traffic above.
Al Keil, Mike, and Peter proudly display the first corner module top completed.  The surface is 3/8 inch plywood.
With one corner module completed and all measurements verified by successful assembly, Peter and Alex turned to mass production of component parts while everyone else assembled modules.
To save time each time we set up the modules, we decided to use permanently-mounted legs rather than having to bolt them on each time we set up.  This is the mounting design that Peter and Mike came up with, using hinges from Rockler.
For side-to-side stability, we added 1/4-inch plywood bracing low down on each pair of legs.  End-to-end stability is provided by the side-to-side bracing on adjacent modules.
In order to fold up nicely, one set of legs is mounted wider than the other.
With assembly done, Peter begins the sanding process.
Bob applies undercoat on the first corner.
Peter assembles a 24" X 48" straight module.
Before we knew it, we had ten module tops framed!