Please note, these specs were stolen from http://www.ki-man.com  (hope he doesn't mind!), translated with google tanslate, and tidied up by myself (in progress...).  There's a good chance some/all of this is wrong - you've been warned!

Business naming SDR
Car name type Yamaha 2TV
Type cord/code 2TV
Recognition number II-144
Body carving start number 2TV-000101~
Motive for action machine carving 2TV
Sale years 1986/7
Total length 1945mm
Total width 680mm
Total height 1005mm
Seat high 770mm
Wheelbase 1335mm
Ground Clearance
Dry weight 105kg
Vehicle weight 115kg
Weight Distribution Front wheel 56kg
Rear wheel 59kg
Gross vehicle weight 170kg
Distribution weight Front wheel 74kg
Rear wheel 96kg
Riding in a car fixed capacity 1 names
Fixed area fuel economy (50km/h) 58km
Minimum turning radius 2600mm
Braking braking distance 14m (50km/h)
Motive for action machine
Motive for action machine type 2 cycles, water cooling
Crank case lead/read
Cylinder several arrangements One cylinder
Total cubic displacement 195cm3
Inside diameter ## distance 66.0x57.0mm
Compression ratio 5.9
Compression pressure 12.0kg/cm2-1000rpm
The highest output 34PS/9000rpm
Largest torque 2.8kg-m/8000rpm
Air filter
Wet polyurethane foam
Clutch Wet multiple plates
Mission change Regular gearing system
Starting system Kick system
Ignition system C.D.I
Lubricating system Separation oil supply
Frame type Metal tubing double cradle
Caster 25°30’
Trail 91mm
Steering wheel being cut off angle Also left and right 35°
Fuel tank capacity 9.5L
Oil tank capacity 0.9L
Brake type Front
Hydraulic type disk brake
Hydraulic type disk brake
Suspension system Front
Swing arm
Buffering Front
Oil damper
Coil spring
Gas and oil damper
Coil spring
Wheel size Front
17inc MT2.15
17inc MT2.5
Tire size Front
90/80- 1746 S
110/80- 1757 S
. Structure Assembly system
. Large end bearing type Needle bearing
. Assembly standard value
. Oversize I 66.25mm
II 66.50mm
. Clearance 0.060~0.065mm
. Pin borehole diameter Standard value 16.004~16.015mm
Use limit 16.035mm
. Assembly direction Arrow exhaust side
. Piston pin major diameter Standard value 15.995~16.000mm
Use limit 15.975mm
Piston ring
. Form TOP Keystone
2nd Plainness
. End gap TOP 0.30~0.45mm
2nd 0.30~0.45mm
Use limit 0.8mm
. Side
TOP 0.02~0.06mm
2nd 0.03~0.065mm
Use limit 0.10mm
Cylinder and cylinder head
. Head distortion limit 0.03mm
. Cylinder distortion limit 0.03mm