Model: Yamaha SDR200
Model Code: 2TV
Frame starting number: 2TV-000101
Years sold: 1987

Length: 1945mm
Width: 680mm
Height: 1005mm
Seat Height: 770mm
Wheelbase: 1335mm
Ground Clearance: 160mm

Dry weight: 105kg
Vehicle weight: 115kg
Distribution weight:
Front wheel: 56kg
Rear wheel: 59kg
Gross vehicle weight: 170kg
Distribution weight:
Front wheel: 74kg
Rear wheel: 96kg

Average Fuel Consumption: 45mpg
Average Tank Range: 55-60miles
Minimum turning radius: 2600mm
Braking braking distance: 14m (50km/h)
Top Speed (upright): 91mph
Top Speed (prone): 99mph
SS 1/4 mile: 14.51s @ 85.0mph (From Performane Bikes, July 1991)
0-60: 5.9s (estimated)

Engine Type type: Two-stroke, water cooled
Cylinder Arrangement: Single cylinder
Engine displacement: 195cm3
Inside diameter x distance: 66.0x57.0mm
Compression ratio: 5.9
Compression pressure: 12.0kg/cm2-1000rpm
Power: 34ps(33.5 bhp) @ 9000rpm
Torque: 2.8kg/m @ 8000rpm
Air cleaner: Wet polyurethane foam
Clutch: Wet multiple plates
Gear box: Regular 6-speed sequential gearing system
Starting system: Kick system
Ignition system: C.D.I
Lubricating system: Separate oil supply

Frame type: Cromed Tubular Steel Trellis Frame
Caster: 25.5 Deg
Trail: 91mm
Steering lock: 35Deg?
Fuel tank capacity: 9.5l
Oil tank capacity: 0.9l
Front Brake: Single Disc, two pot caliper
Rear Brake: Single Disc, two pot caliper
Front Suspension: Telescopic, Oil damper/Coil spring
Rear Suspension: Swing arm, Gas and oil damper/Coil spring
Front Wheel Size: 17inc MT2.15
Rear Wheel Size: 17inc MT2.5
Front Tyre Fitment: 90/80-17 46s
Rear Tyre Fitment: 110/80-17 57s

Power and Torque Curves:

Structure: Assembly system
Large End Bearing Type: Needle Bearing
Standard values:

Oversize I: 66.25mm
Oversize II: 66.50mm
Clearance: 0.060 - 0.065mm
Pin borehole diameter Standard value: 16.004 - 16.015mm
Pin borehole diameter Use limit: 16.035mm
Assembly direction: Arrow exhaust side
Piston pin major diameter Standard value: 15.995 - 16.000mm
Piston pin major diameter Use limit: 15.975mm

Piston Ring:
Form TOP: Keystone
Form 2nd: Plain
End gap TOP: 0.30 - 0.45mm
End gap 2nd: 0.30 - 0.45mm
End gap Use limit: 0.8mm
Side Clearance Top: 0.02 - 0.06mm
Side Clearance 2nd: 0.03 - 0.065mm
Side Clearance Use Limit: 0.10mm

Cylinder and cylinder head:
Head distortion limit: 0.03mm
Cylinder distortion limit: 0.03mm

Clutch plate Quantity: 6
Clutch plate Standard thickness: 1.05 - 1.35mm
Clutch plate Distortion limit: 0.05mm
Friction plate Quantity: 7
Friction plate Standard thickness: 2.9 - 3.1mm
Friction plate Distortion limit: 2.8mm
Clutch spring Quantity: 5
Clutch spring Length: 32.0mm
Clutch spring Use Limit: 30.0mm

Gear Ratios:
Primary Number of Teeth - Ratio: 51/18 - 2.833
1st Number of Teeth - Ratio: 34/12 - 2.833
2nd Number of Teeth - Ratio: 29/16 - 1.813
3rd Number of Teeth - Ratio: 26/19 - 1.368
4th Number of Teeth - Ratio: 24/21 - 1.143
5th Number of Teeth - Ratio: 23/23 - 1.000
6th Number of Teeth - Ratio: 22/24 - 0.917
Second Number of Teeth - Ratio: 43/16 - 2.687

Drive Chain:
Size: 428
Links: 132
Deflection: 15 - 20mm

Transmission oil:
Designated oil: Yamaha gear oil
Oil capacity, Periodic exchange: 750cm3
Oil capacity, Overhaul: 800cm3

Reed valve:
Valve / seat opening limit: 0.2mm
Stopper height: 8.3mm