Please feel free to email me if you have any useful links to add. 


SDR200 links: - New sdr200 mailing list / wiki - Nice set of pictures of an sdr200 rebuild. - Some info on a race pipe and porting - Lots of specification info for the sdr200. - There's lots of info on here if you can find it lots of scans of sdr200 manuals and brochers etc (thanks for the link Gebhard!)


Other bike links: - Excellent forum for yamaha 2-smokes. There's a few SDR owners on there. - Parts listing for lots of Yamahas. - More parts listings, in Russian this time, but has DT200 listing.


Parts Suppliers: - Elliot Motorcycles.  Can supply geniune yamaha sdr200 parts via mail order. - Website lists several pattern parts for sdr200. - Website lists a few pattern parts for sdr200. - If you can read Japanese and have lots of money to spare, this site specialises in aftermarket sdr200 parts.


Other non-related links:

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