Our program features hand clappin', foot stoppin', down south, Gospel Music.
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High Bandwidth

Christmas 2010 (A full 1 hr video)
The video above requires Internet Explorer. If the video buffers for more than 30 seconds then hit the stop button and try again. The video may buffer too long if your connection is not fast enough or there are too many people watching. If you have trouble viewing the high quality version above you can try the following lower quality version.

The same program is shown below for those with medium bandwidth

Medium Bandwidth

Christmas 2010

And if the above medium bandwidth doesn't work for you then you can watch the same program below in 2 parts. Please contact us and let us know which version works best for you. High, Medium or Low.

Low Bandwidth

(In 2 Parts)

Christmas 2010 - Part 1

Christmas 2010 - Part 2