Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any prerequisites to participating in the San Diego Math Teachers’ Circle?

Absolutely not! There are no particular degree or certification requirements, nor is there any expectation of affiliation with particular schools or districts. As long as you are a math teacher and are open to working on new math problems, you are welcome to join us. We tend to tailor our programming towards middle-school teachers, but teachers at all grade levels are welcome.

  • I’m nervous at the prospect of interacting with people who may have had more math education than I. Am I going to feel comfortable at the Math Teachers’ Circle?

We strive to create a fun, collaborative atmosphere in which every individual feels engaged regardless of his or her background. Even those of us who have had lots of math still feel like we are constantly learning.

  • Will the San Diego Math Teachers’ Circle help me prepare for my classes? If so, how?

We focus on building confidence in mathematics and on exploring problem-solving strategies inspired by interesting math problems in a supportive, collaborative environment.  Our emphasis, therefore, is more on process than on particular content areas.  While we sometimes draw connections with particular content areas, teachers generally enjoy drawing their own connections and in sharing creative ideas with other participating teachers.

  • How much does it cost to participate in the San Diego Math Teachers’ Circle?

Participation in the San Diego Math Teachers’ Circle is free of charge.