The atmosphere in these day-long workshops is one of exploration, practice, growth and results. Join a supportive community where our participants are inspired to achieve their photographic goals - both personally and professionally. So bring your cameras, thirst for knowledge, and your own creative vision. Indulge your passion for photography with SDL Photography Workshops.

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Professional Headshot Workshop
Saturday April 1st 2017

This course is designed for every level photographer as long as you understand camera basics, this isn't a technique course in camera settings, but a course in handling any human subject that is in front of your lens. This is a headshot photography workshop. Although we believe the information is useful in many areas of photography, any photographer at any level will truly benefit from attending. 

In this workshop you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of workflow, direction and shooting style, lighting and positioning of subject. This workshop is designed for the photographer looking to gain beneficial knowledge for meeting the demands of today’s professional and social media expectations. So whether photography is your full time gig or you are a passionate hobbyist, this workshop is for you. 

Some Topics Include:



The necessity of being a prepared for different locations

Creation of Residual Laughter and client comfort

Direction by Mis-Direction

Directing your client from shot to shot

Post-processing with Lightroom/Photoshop

What You'll Need:

A DSLR or mirrorless digital camera and basic knowledge of how to use that camera. You’ll want a decent headshot lens to go along with it. We generally like a minimum of 85mm for full frame DSLR’s and 50mm and above for crop sensor cameras. 

Shooting on a tripod is a strong option, so if you have one that can reach above 5’ then bring it along with a nice ball head.

Cost and Scheduling:

The price for attending this one day workshop is $95 and payment is due in full when signing up. 

Due to workshops filling up regularly, we require payment in full in order to keep your spot. All payments are non-refundable.

This workshop is limited to ONLY 14 photographers 

Reserve your spot today!

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About SDL Photography Workshops:

SDL Photography Workshops, based in Tampa Florida, are monthly, in-depth, hands-on instructional sessions serving as an inspirational resource for all photographers, from beginners to professionals. Learn from influential instructors, Robert Rostick and Jim Sykes, to inspire your creativity and expand your technical skills.
SDL Photography Workshops offer year-round workshops in digital photography, lighting, image editing with Photoshop and Lightroom, creative vision, business practices, storytelling, printing, portraiture, nature, and landscape photography.
Each workshop is 4-6 hours in length, depending on the topic. Designed with a community feel and ample support and access, all workshops are limited in the number of participants so that you receive a personalized learning experience. This allows SDL to support all levels of participants in their passion for photography. As the title of the workshop implies, you will be presented with topical information, view demonstrations, and then do it yourself with an instructor’s guidance.