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Design and write a PC Game is one of my favorite hobby.     It's so fun to create your own
world and make it alive.     And I remember how hard it is about how to setup a Development
Environment for programming.      Except that , it is fun !

This tutorial shows you how to use the tools for making a game.     And you can enjoy and have a
good time about PC Game Programming without having trouble with the development
environment.    It saves your time on searching for the solutions about how to use SDL_image
 , SDL_music , SDL_font , and SDL_net.    Also , you can freely download all the source codes
and binary files , so you know it works and it will also work on your PC.

Learning programming skill from making a PC Game is fun.    I have learned how do those
people making a Arcade Game by making one.     I love it and hope you enjoy it too!

you like SDL Gamer Tutorial website , please feel free to consider about a donation :)
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Bdragon Ho,
Sep 6, 2011, 4:13 PM