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Lesson 1. Download the Dev-C++ & SDL

Greeting Adventurer ,

Please follow my steps and don't get lost.    
So , you got two missions in this page.     Don't come back if you can not
even finish them !

Mission 1 : Download Dev-C++
This is a development tool for C/C++ programming just like MS Visual Studio such as VC++ 2010.    They make programming more easy.     Compare Dev-C++ to MS Visual Studio , it is tiny and fast.    Although it has some obvious bugs , but those does not really matter.    Until now , I still prefer Dev-C++ for a small project development.   It is simple , easy , fast , and straight forward !   However , if you still wanna use MS Visual C++ 2010 then click here for SDL installation.

You can download it from here.      Then rename(F2) it as xxx.exe
It's not a zip file.

Or download it in the official website.

Mission 2 : Download SDL
You can download it from here , too.

Or download it from the official website.
So , you done?       Everything is good?

Excellent !

Then let's continue with the secret mission no.3.
Don't tell those people who skip mission 1 & 2 about this.
Just let those guys suffering , so they'll got lesson.

Secret Mission 3 : Install Dev-C++ & SDL into your hard drive
  • Install Dev-C++ in
  • Install SDL in

They should look like this.

Congratulation !
Lesson 1 DONE !

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