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Exp2. WebServer - Using SDL_net

Nowadays , Internet is very popular and be able to access from almost everywhere in this world.    Here demonstrates using SDL to make a tiny Web Server , so the internet user be able to control or monitor the status of a SDL Web Server.

The possible applications are online game , internet chat room , FTP Server , Web Server , transfer video / audio stream.

Features :
  • Demonstrate a non-blocking way of using SDLNet_TCP_Recv
  • Real Time Web Server Status Report Without Reload Web Page (Javascript & XML)
  • A Compact Web Server
  • This Web Server Can Control a Electronic Device by sending command to a microcontroller unit via serial port
  • The Web Server can monitor the status of a electronic device with little modification

Arduino NetServer Hit the Link for Details

The example in the SDL_net demonstrates a complicate way to make a chat room by write a gui.    I believe , it's not necessary to do that.    The combination of SDL , SDL_ttf , and SDL_net should be sufficient to to the same thing and much easier.

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