About SDL Gamer

 Greeting Adventurer ,
Welcome to SDL Gamer , the PC Game Programming Tutorial using C++ for beginner.
   You may wonder what is SDL?    Well , its the convenient library or tool that handle "Create a Window" , "Load a Image File" , "Play Sound and Music" , "Load Font in ttf Format" , "TCP/IP Protocol" , "Using a Gamepad , a Keyboard , and a Mouse" for you.    So you can concentrate on creating your own world with these handy tools.      It gives you the relative easy way to make a multi-media windows program.
With this tutorial , you will be able to :
  • Get the idea of PC Game Programming ( Move An Object , Impact Detection , Target Tracing , Play Music & Sound )
  • Physics Simulation (Particles , Object Acceleration , Object Rotation , Moving , Diffusion , Wave Function)
  • Drawing a Mathematical Function On Screen ( Circle Function , Differential Equation )
  • Create A Virtual World On PC By Using Your Unlimited Imagination
This tutorial will be as simple as possible.     
The tutorial will be even easier than what you had learned in school.
It will help you to success at the first step toward PC Game Programming.

This tutorial is also suitable for those students who didn't receive courses
in Computer Science but interested in Physics or Mathematics.    It will help
you be able to apply Physics
Laws or Mathematics Formulas you had learned
in class into a graphical program.

In this tutorial , you will only need two programming tools.

 - Bloodshed Dev-C++

 - SDL Simple DirectMedia Layer

That's all you need !

In addition , you can also install SDL Library into MS Visual C++ 2010 Express too.
Then practice these tutorials here with MS Visual C++ 2010 Express.    However ,
personally I recommend Dev-C++ for a C++ beginner.    Reason 1 , MS Visual C++
is a too over heavy IDE and runs too slow compare to Dev-C++.     Reason 2 , after
you got the idea of Dev-C++ , it is easy to switch to Visual C++ if you need.

The most important thing is have fun~


Click on the icon to enter related topic
Using ttf font - Simplified Version
  Setup SDL in Dev-C++
  Using ttf font - With some simple example
Displaying a multiplication table by animation
Circle function and tracing a red spot
Trace Recording

Differential Equation
Alpha Blending
Impact Detection
  Create objects - Shooting
  Create SDL_Rect object

  Low Pass Filter Simulator
Web Server DIY (SDL_net)
Web Server DIY - using TCP/IP
AI Kid - AI for dodging bullets and missiles

Diffusion - Physics Simulation
AI Car - Vehicle Simulation

Arduino NetServer - Internet controlled electronics

Applications that using SDL Library :

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