Chung Do Kwan is a Korean hard-style martial art that is derived from Shotokan Karate and brought to the US by Grand Master Duk Sung Son under the World Tae Kwon Do Association. 


Learn the martial arts techniques taught to the Korean military by Master Won Kuk Lee and Master Duk Sung Son.

Develop your
speed, focus, power, balance and control for self-defense and for a more unified mind, body and spirit.

 We believe a martial artist needs to be as fit as possible.  Our training program is tailored to each belt level so that all skill levels are challenged.

Our training covers the following basic regimen:

·         Technique basics (punches, kicks, blocks)
Hyung (martial arts forms/patterns)
Kicking, sparring and conditioning drills
Self-defense situations and tactics
Step- and Free-Sparring (non-contact and contact)