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*Silent Auction is one of many ways to help us! 
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Dear Friends,

San Diego Regional Japanese Speech Contest brings together students of Japanese Language and Culture in San Diego to compete by presenting a speech in Japanese. We finished our 21st year hosting this event in March and now we have started our fundraising for 2019. 

We are curious about your community outreach programs for making donations. We are hoping that you would be honorably willing to participate for the local Japanese community education in San Diego for the students who study Japanese and Japanese culture in high schools and colleges and also encourage us who have devoted themselves to volunteer to make this event happen for a long time successfully even after we lost our funding association several years ago.  

We are looking to raise enough funds in order to host our annual event in March. As of today, we are still in need of a couple of thousand dollars or any form of donations, large or small.

Amount of Donation (Our Wish)
$10, $20, $50$100, $200, $250, $300, happily more, any amount, or give-away items of your company/business, etc. or お宅に眠るご贈答品 or your excellent artwork or book if you are an author.

We would be happy to accept cash or checks payable to our sponsor:

North Park Lions Club Charity Account;

please specify
 on the memo line that your check be for the Japanese Speech Contest donation and mail to:

San Diego Japanese Speech Contest Committee (ATTN: Mrs. Fumiko Tachibana)
P.O.Box 28884, San Diego, 92198

In order for us all to thrive to move on to the next decade, your donations of any amount help support this special local educational program and to continue serving local high school and college students who study Japanese and Japanese culture. 

We will be happy to issue a receipt of your donation as t
he speech contest is part of 501c (3) tax free charity (via North Park Lions club). The North Park Lions Club Federal ID number (EIN)  95-2049051. 


Fumiko Tachibana
President, San Diego Japanese Contest Committee 






なお、ファンドの管理は本コンテストのスポンサーであるNPO法人のNorth Park Lion’s Club Charity Account (The federal ID # 95-2049051)が行います。手続きをはSDJSCCが行いますため、以下の茶いろの文字の指示に従って頂きますようお願いします。




SDJSC委員会 (SDJSCC) 代表 橘婦美子
web: https://sites.google.com/site/sdjsc2018/


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The application form in Word format will be attached shortly down below.

San Diego Japanese Speech Contest Donation Form

Please accept my support of the 22nd San Diego Japanese Speech Contest. 
Enclosed is the check (payable to North Park Lion’s Club/Charity Account) 
in the amount of $____________


Please specify that your check is for a Japanese Speech Contest Donation in the memo line.
Please complete the following and mail this form to
San Diego Japanese Speech Contest attn: Fumiko Tachibana
P. O. Box 28884, San Diego, CA 92198


Name: ________________________________________
School/Company/Business: ________________________
Postal Address: __________________________________
Phone: _________________________________________
E-mail: ________________________________________

Comment: _____________________________________
Need a receipt:  Yes____  No____


SDJSC 2019,
Apr 24, 2019, 10:41 AM