6. Application Form

Preparation and Procedure: 

You must

1.  Read the contest guidelines (https://sites.google.com/site/sdjsc2019/guidelines-2019) thoroughly

2.  Deadline of application: February 23. 
3.  Copy the application form below into an email body and fill it out.  
3.  Attach the
copy of handwritten speech draft together with the application.  The draft should be scanned. Snap shot is accepted if the picture is clear.  This draft does not need to be the final version presented at the competition but must be received by the end of February.

4.  Send it to sdjsc2019@gmail.com  


If you have any questions, write to us (committee) at sdjscc@gmail.com .  


--Beginning of Application Form--


Your name in English
Your first name: __
Your last name: __

Spell it in Katakana 
Your first name: __        
Your last name
: __
Your email address: __
Your native language(s): 
______     ______       

Date of birth: Month: __Yea: __                        
Are you in high school (check): 
If your answer is Yes, please check the following with x: 
I am Freshman
: __    Sophomore: __    Junior : __      Senior: __
Your phone number: __

Name of your school:(                     ) 
* The name of your school will not be presented in the program, but it will show in the result page after the contest if you win a prize.

Full name of the teacher 
: __
Name of the 
: __
The email address of the teacher: __
The phone number (for emergency only): __
Additional note if any: __


To the best of your knowledge your level is:(check one)
Beginner( ),  Intermediate( ),  Advanced( ) 
Comment: The courses you have completed: __ 
If you did not take regular courses, would you mind telling us how you learned Japanese? : __
Does anybody in your family speak Japanese  : __
or friend who speaks Japanese? : __ 
Did you travel to Japan before? No: __
If yes, how long did you stay in Japan? two weeks: __ three weeks: __ about a month: __
Would you like to share something about the previous trip(s) to Japan? 
Did you live in Japan before? No: __
If yes, how long and how old were you?: __
Is your speech original? : __ (please read General Guideline's page in the guidelines-2019 page)


If you have problems in translating the title, we recommend you consult your teacher as t
itles will stay in the program.

Japanese title
: __

English title
: ___

My speech is about
: __

ive us a brief summary of your speech in a couple of lines in English below. Do not translate your speech. )


Previous experience of competing in our speech contest: __
If your answer is yes, which year?: __

If you are a college/university student, please proceed and answer them.

about Japan Homestay Award:

Please read “About the Japan Travel Award” in the Guidelines2019 Page (scroll down the page) carefully.

Would you like to accept this award if you won the first place? 

___Yes, definitely. I’d be happy to enjoy the experience, and happy to take care of the responsibility. I understand that summer time is the most convenient time for all of us involved.

___Sorry, I am not interested in the travel award. (Comment). I am willingly transfer this  travel award package to the next place winner who is very interested within a week  (March 24).

Are you aware of the regulations of this round trip ticket and week's JR pass? There is a deadline for both tickets.

___Yes, definitely.


Photograph: I  understand that the contest committee reserves the right to take photographs at this event and to use them to promote activities related to Japanese language and culture education on various media, including but not limited to: websites, newsletters, local newspapers, and magazines. Filming:  I understand that the contest committee reserves the right to film the speeches. The purpose of the filming is promotion of the contest.   

By sending the application, I agreed the above disclaimers.

--End of Application form--

San Diego Japanese Regional Speech Contest Committee, c/o Mrs. Fumiko Tachibana, Chair,
P. O. Box 28884, San Diego, CA 92198, sdjscc@gmail.com