1_3 Welcome Greetings from SDJSCC

Welcome to the 21st Annual San Diego Japanese Speech Contest! My name is Fumiko Tachibana.  It is my greatest pleasure to see you all at our annual contest.

We appreciate the special guest Consul Ohashi from Consulate General of Japan, Los Angeles, honorable judges, dedicated teachers and volunteers and our committee members. All of us have worked very hard until the last minute. In addition, we appreciate many supporters, especially gift supporters without whom we would not have been able to host this event today.  Thank you so much.こころからお礼申し上げます。
The San Diego Japanese Speech Contest started in 1996, twenty-two years ago.  I would like to share one rare photo with you today.    Dr. Alvin Coox

Hisako, Mrs. Hisako Coox, is the founder of the San Diego Japanese Speech Contest, as she was directing Japan-US Center.  In this photo, she is with her husband at an award ceremony in 1986. The Japanese Government dedicated his book about the Nomonhan Incident to Yasukuni Shrine early last year 2017.*

Lastly but most importantly, I would like to extend my best wishes to the contestants.  You are already winners! By deciding to compete, each of you has shown how brave you are.  This excitement is a lifetime treasure. Ganbattekudasai!

 *The news was brought to us by Mr. Rio Imamura in the spring of 2017. 
 Here's more about Dr. & Mrs. Alvin Coox, Imamura, and us, including Tachibana

Dr. Alvin Coox (with Hisako) 1

Dr. Alvin Coox 2
Dr. Alvin Coox 3

Haru Reishauer 1
Haru Reishauer 2