B. 6) OJAD workshop in San Diego 12.12.2016

Message from OJAD Minematsu sensei.

We had a great OJAD workshop by
Dr. Minematsu at La Jolla Riford Library on 12/12/2016. It was joined by Yuko Maruyama's Cool Japan Jazz piano. Heartfelt thanks go to Prof. Minematsu and Ms. Yuko Maruyama. We wish to invite them again.Total number of participants who joined this workshop was 32, including Japanese language teachers, some former participants in the past contests, those who might be interested in competing in the future contests, college and high school students, etc. Three motivated high school students were with us too! 

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お招きすることができ、一同Cool Japan Jazz

丸山さんのCool JJ 2、3秒の演奏をお楽しみください。^_^ http://www.maruyamayuko.com/




OJAD workshop 実行委員会スタッフ(左から伊藤、高木、タウンセンド先生)お疲れ様でした。

ホセ君(学生@現SDSU ←元Palomar), フレッドさん(Japanese Friendship Garden, 


おまけ(カメラが二つ前にあり焦点が← →へ)


Invitation to Japanese Language Learning Workshop Introduction to OJAD (Online Japanese Accent Dictionary) for your self-training of Japanese pronunciation Organized by Project OJAD, TJSC, and SDJSCC Supported by Phonetic Society of Japan and APSIPA, given by Lecturer: Prof. & Dr. Eng. Nobuaki Minematsu (Graduate School of Engineering, UTokyo & Project OJAD) 

Time & Date: 13:00 - 15:00 on Dec 12 (Mon), 2016 
followed by Cool Jazz Piano entertainment by San Diego-based jazz pianist Yuko Maruyama
Room & Venue: La Jolla Riford Library (http://lajollalibrary.org) 
Language: English or Japanese (language can be switched.) 
Participation fee: free of charge 
Registration: Email to sdjscc@gm  mail.com. The subject of your email must be “12/12 OJAD” with your full name and affiliation. 
Note: Bring your fully-charged laptop or tablet to the workshop. 
Content of the workshop: 
The workshop will cover the followings: 
1) Provide you with fundamentals of Japanese prosody. What characterizes word accent and phrase intonation? What is accent sandhi? What is an accentual phrase? How to acquire quickly a skill of speaking naturally? 
2) Explain how native listeners perceive learners’ unnatural prosody. What kind of unnatural prosody tend to cause communication errors? 
3) Show you how to use OJAD for your self-training of Japanese. 
You can show a 1-min promotion video here. Since the first release of OJAD in August 2012, there have been more than 1.2M accesses from all over the world. We have given tutorial workshops of OJAD approx. 100 times in 27 countries. Never miss this opportunity to learn OJAD!!

会場:Community Room @ La Jolla Riford Library 
締め切り:11月末日 先着30名 
持ち物:充電済みのノートパソコン あるいは タブレット 
件名を「12/12 OJAD」とし,名前と所属をご明記下さい。当日使う資料をお送りいたします。

来たる12月12日月曜日にラホヤの公立図書館で、東京大学大学院の峯松信明先生によるOJAD(Online Japanese Accent Dictionary)の講習会を開催いたします。OJADは日本語教師・学習者のため国語研との協力で開発されたオンライン日本語アクセント辞書です。この講習会はすでに世界27ヶ国で約100回開催されているもので、この度サンディエゴでは、PROJECT OJAD、TJSC、 SDJSCC共同主催にて開催いたします。

本OJAD 講習会は以下のトピックでを学び,体験することができます。
1) 日本語アクセントおよびイントネーションに関する基礎知識の整理  
2) 学習者の不適切な韻律を母語話者はどのように知覚するのか? 
3) OJAD4機能の紹介と演習形式での体験学習 
4) OJADを使ったスピーチの指導法

Promotion Video はこちら。https://youtu.be/kPJifu2aBXg

講演会講師を務める峯松先生の中学時代の同級生,ジャズピアニストの丸山裕子さん(サンディエゴ在住)も講習会に駆けつけ会終了後にはクールジャパンジャズの演奏をご披露くださいます 。


ご案内人 橘婦美子
SDJSC C (サンディエゴ日本語スピーチコンテスト委員会) 

What is OJAD?

The OJAD (Online Japanese Accent Dictionary) is a web-based system that can support teachers/learners to teach/learn Japanese prosody. This system was developed in collaboration with National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics. While many learners want to learn how to speak fluently and naturally, it is a fact that sufficient kinds of learning materials for that aim are not found in the market. Especially, textbooks on prosody training are very rare. This may be one of the reasons why not a few number of teachers, even native teachers, say "Intonation is difficult to teach", "I'm not confident of teaching Tokyo accent well", or "Japanese word accent is complicated because it is often changed due to word context". To solve these problems, the OJAD has been developed and released. You can access the OJAD here and it is free currently. The OJAD team received an academic encouragement award from the Phonetic Society of Japan (PSJ). You can check a 1-min promotion video of the OJAD (Japanese/English). The OJAD has a facebook page.



from SDJSCC(San Diego Japanese Speech Contest Committee) : 

We are fortunate to invite Dr. Nobuaki Minematsu, 
Professor of The University of Tokyo, Leader of Project OJAD, Japan) to San Diego, CA on December 12th (Monday afternoon), 2016.  If you want to speak Japanese naturally with confidence, or if you are interested in doing well at the upcoming speech contest, or if you want to learn how it works for your students or friends, this workshop is for you. Come and learn Online Japanese Accent Dictionary!  To participate,  please write to  SDJSCC@GMAIL.COM for further information to get more details. This workshop in San Diego is for two full hours. Also we are fortunate to have a San Diego-based, jazz pianist Yuko Maruyama who will be playing some cool Japan jazz piano after the workshop. (Dr. Minematsu will be a keynote speaker at the Castel J 
2017 at Waseda Univ. in Japan.)

General guideline for the workshop

We have given tutorial workshops of the OJAD at more than 50 international cities. In these workshops, before showing how to use the OJAD for teaching Japanese prosody, we provide participants with fundamental knowledge of Japanese prosody, especially accent and intonation. The outline of the tutorial is as follows.
  • Background of the OJAD (why we built it.)
  • 1) Many computers today can read Japanese texts rather naturally. What kind of reading method is used to teach them Japanese?
    2) Provide fundamental knowledge of word accent of Japanese. What is accent sandhi? What is accentual phrase?
    3) Provide fundamental knowledge of intonation of Japanese. What is the shortcut to master a skill of reading Japanese text naturally.
    4) Simple introduction of how to use the OJAD.
  • Afternoon tea
  • 1) Let's use the four functions of the OJAD!!
    2) An example of using the OJAD in a class of public speaking (oral presentation)
    3) An example of using the OJAD in a class of introducing word accent of verbs.

Note: Handouts will be available in our return email and we expect all the participants to print them out for the workshop.

The PDF flyer is available down below.  .

5月末にロサンゼルスの基金にて,OJAD という日本語音声教育を支援するツール(共通語のアクセント,イントネーションを教えるツール)の紹介を兼ねた講習会を開催されました。http://www.jflalc.org/workshop.html

OJAD の第一の機能(単語検索,より詳細には,単語を指定し
http://www.gavo.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ojad/の top page 左下に一覧表があり,現在19種類の教科書をサポートしています。げんきはここに入っている。


About Minematsu sensei
峯松信明/ MINEMATSU Nobuaki

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