A. 2) Greetings from Tachibana

Welcome to the 19th Annual San Diego Japanese Speech Contest (March 20, 2016)

My name is Fumiko Tachibana and it is my great pleasure to see each and every one of you here in La Jolla. After two years’ break, San Diego Speech Contest re-started in 2008, and it was with great excitement that I became the director.

The San Diego Japanese Speech Contest started in 1996, twenty years ago.  I have fond memories of students having excitement, smiles and laughter.  Like the Japanese expression called 思い出は走馬灯のように駆け巡る,  memories go round like a revolving lantern.  It’s hard to believe that twenty years have passed.

I would like to proudly say that San Diego has produced two national champions in 2009 and in 2013. 

Dacoda Strack, one of them, is here as an MC, to help us today along with Miho Burfield.  今日一日よろしくおねがいします。

We appreciate the special guests, judges, teachers, and volunteers who have worked very hard to support the contest. Without their help, we wouldn’t be able to host this event. Thank you.

I’d like to mention our gift supporters who come from across the country, as well as locally.   

Many thanks go to the following companies and organizations.

Special thanks go to: NiigataSeiryo University for their invitation to the Niigata campus with a homestay for a cultural exploration up to one month, 
Japan Airlines,  Temple UniversityJapan campus for cash awards for 2nd and 3rd place winners, Kyocera International for 12 copies of the book written by Kazuo Inamori, the founder of Kyocera, Sony for exciting products, Cheng & Tsui , Stone Bridge Press for educational books about Japan, UNO (University of New Orleans) –Japan Summer program in Kyoto for two lovely Obi, and so on. 

Locally, let me recite the names: San Diego Yuyu for their original Pocket San Diego for all participants, ChopstixHinotezJinya, Iwamoto Shishinjutsu Therapy, MitsuwaMarket, Nijiya MarketSan Diego Japanese Marketing Services, San Diego YuyuYoshi’s Jam  InVent DreamsIto Classical Guitar Studio, and Kazuko Coyne

Again, thank you for the fantastic gifts you have provided for the contest. We are happy and appreciate the warm support that you have extended to the participants.

Finally and most importantly, I’d like to extend my best wishes to the contestants.  You are already winners! By deciding to compete, each of you has shown how brave you are.  This excitement is a lifetime treasure that happens only once.

Welcome to the 19th Annual San Diego Japanese Speech Contest!!!

Fumiko Tachibana (President)

SDJSC Commmittee 



ACTFL in San Diego 2015  with Ushida-sensei
Ushida-sensei in cosplay

Collage from 2009 ACTFL San Diego  

ACTFL 2009 Code: 305974

"Creative Use of Songs from Anime/Films in the Japanese Classroom“(Tachibana)
Saturday, November 21st, 2009.