Petition Forms

Petition Sample Forms 

Initiative Legislation Petition 

Constitutional Amendment

Affidavit for filing

Sample Filed Petition

Nominating petitions and petitions for placing questions on the ballot are prescribed by the State Board of Elections. Blank copies of these petitions may be requested from the Secretary of State at 605-773-3537 or by emailing your name and address to

Campaign Finance Requirements 

The campaign finance laws have a $500 threshold and 15 day deadline. See here

Accepting Petitions and Counting Signatures 

These rules help determine petition and signature validity. See here

Pre-petitioning submission and filing

Language is submitted the the LRC for comment. They have a 15 day deadline. Comments are precatory.

Then petition format submitted to the sec of state and petition is filed that day.


Must be sponsored by one or more Sponsors. Only individuals can be sponsors. Upon filing signatures, at least 2/3 of the sponsors must sign.