Guest Bedroom

We have plans to redo this room. Right now its just a catch-all space. Excuse the mess

See the cheap ugly walmart curtains.

 I love the furniture in this room.  Its from BO Concepts, a very modern decor furniture store



 Custom-made Ballloon Shades.  I had these in the basement with no plans to use them again.  I think they look good with this paint, even though the curtain is blue and yellow.  These curtains have so many strings to manuever them! But they have a nice clean tailored look.

 Sitting area, I threw a blanket over the chair, its really a red cushion, that didnt match this room.  Chair IKEA, sqaure wall mirrors IKEA, Willow Sticks, IKEA! I am gonna call this the IKEA corner



                                        Yea, we need to get new bedding...I will update when we get new bedding