Student-Directed Inquiry (SDI) - 2009 Class at the Hobart Campus

Week 8:   7th April 2009 
Firefox and Chocolate Easter Special Workshop in A426 this Tuesday 7th April at 12:15.
Learning how to customise your Firefox so it has everything that you need to do SDI including
  • Google Reader
  • Google Notebook add-on
  • Google Bookmarks for SDI
  • Twitter add-on
  • delicious
Plus using Elluminate for presentations
Week 7:   31st  March 2009 
There will be a presentation in the Art Theory Room this Thursday 2nd April starting at 12:15.
For those who can stay after lunch we will be available to assist with Journals, SDI Proposals and other tasks.
Check the Moodle for this week's tasks.
Week 6: 24th  March 2009 
Many thanks to all those who have completed the first draft of your SDI Proposal - very interesting projects!
Please meet with Heather if you have not done so yet - or if you need help doing your proposal.
Heather's office is near the main office - on the left before you go down the stairs.
  • Post to twitter twice a week saying what you have done, thought, researched... related to your project.
  • Post to your journal summarising your progress so far - incuding half-ideas, dead-ends, good ideas...
  • Check Moodle for any incomplete tasks from the last few weeks.
  • If you have posted to your journal see if anyone has left a comment. Find the address of someone else's journal and make a comment.
Otherwise continue your project work :-)
Next Week - class presentation and workshop.
Week 5: 17th  March 2009 
This week it is really important that you meet with me [Heather] to have a discussion about your project and that you complete your SDI project outline. I can be found in the office near the main office where the student phone is. Some of you may have discussed your project with Roger which is excellent but I would like to know what you are doing as well as I am interested in your topic areas.
Drop in please. If I don't hear from you I will ring home as we have had a gentle introduction and it is now time for follow up to ensure you meet your outcomes this year.
It is parent information evening on the 26th March so hopefully we will meet your parents and this Monday it is an Assembly for the Academy. Also if you are doing gaming or animation it would be very beneficial if you attend the Bond Uni workshop on Tuesday 24th in the Art Theory Room. It is a really good session and you will learn a lot. I will let you teacher know if you want to go just tell me.
Please visit the moodle as well and start your blog.
Heather and Roger

Week 4: 10th  March 2009
UPDATE 12th March: Thursday's presentation slides and audio are now uploaded to Moodle
Tuesday 10th March - No class (Moderation Day)
Thursday 12th March - 12:10-12:50 in A349 (near Student services) - Please bring your lunch  :-)
Help will be available afterwards.
Check Moodle for this week's tasks and last week's assessment.
Note new page: Links for SDI

Week 3: 3rd  March 2009
Thanks to everyone who have completed last week's tasks.

We need to meet as a whole class for the next two weeks.

Because everyone can't come during class time we are going to meet
  • Tuesday 3rd March from 12:10-12:50 in A349 (near Student services)
  • Thursday 12th March from 12:10-12:50 in A349 (near Student services)
Please bring your lunch  :-)

We will be available after both these sessions to help individuals or groups complete essential tasks.

Please let us know if you can't make it to these sessions - email or SMS Heather or Roger.

The rest of your 3.5hrs each week for this class you can work individually or as a team...
BUT please make sure you post to Twitter and check the SDI class on Moodle - or you will be
marked ABSENT.

Update 25th Feb - All the slides, audio, video and handouts from yesterday's class are now online - most are in the class Moodle but you can also see some links on Roger's SDI Class Journal.
Week 2: 24th February 2009
There will be two class meetings this week - the second one is for those who are unable to attend the first.
You need to attend either Tuesday 1:00 or Thursday 12:30 - we meet in A231 above the Canteen
Thanks to all those who have signed up to Twitter (and Moodle and Google Reader and done the Survey) - here you are on Twitter  :-)
If you haven't done the tasks for week 1 please do so ASAP (see below) - and ask if you need help...

Week 1: 17th February 2009
This week's tasks:
  1. We strongly recommend you set up a GMail Account (If you don't already have one it will make things easier for you later.)
  2. Complete this survey.
  3. Register on the SDI Class Moodle
    • We strongly recommend you register using your GMail
    • Select Login at the far top right - then 'Create New Account' at bottom right
    • Check your email to confirm your registration.
  4. Register and post at Twitter - complete the Task: Activity Log (See attachments at the bottom of this page)
    • We strongly recommend you register using your GMail
    • Email your Twitter name
  5. Register and subscribe at Google Reader - complete the Task: PLN Reader (See attachments at the bottom of this page)
    • If you have used GMail you are already signed up :-)
12th February 2009
Welcome to SDI at the Hobart Campus of the Tasmanian Polytechnic and Tasmanian Academy.
And congratulations on choosing one of the best courses we offer!
Last year's students achieved very high awards - over one third of the class obtained an 'Exceptional Achievement'.
Your facilitators this year are Heather Banks and Roger Stack. We will also use a number of mentors as required.
The class will meet once a week in Room A231 and online. The rest of the time you may work where and when it suits you best.
Your First SDI Class: The course details you receive on the first day has an error. We will meet initially on Tuesday 17th Feb at lunch time in Room A231 which is just above the canteen. At this meeting we will decide the best time to meet each week.
We look forward to seeing you and helping you to start thinking about this year's projects  :-)
Heather & Roger
PS If you are on Facebook the Tasmanian Academy and Tasmanian Polytechnic have new groups you can join. Pictures from today are on both groups.
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