Core English 2 Kathleen Jenkins

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Important Information

Click below to see the standards, units, expectations and grading policy for the course. Your student will bring a paper copy for you to read together and sign.
Click below to read a description of the first unit. It includes the standards, activities and assessments.
Each student has selected an individual short story. S/he will be applying the six elements of literature to that story that we have been reviewing in class. Initially, each student will prepare an outline, then a draft essay. This will be peer- and teacher-edited. See below the outline, the peer edit sheet, and the analysis rubric.
It was great meeting parents at the Open House 9/22. Communication between school and home really promotes student success.Thank you to all students and their families for completing the survey. Halfway through September, we are in the middle of the short story unit; the essential question is, "What makes a great story great?" Your student has chosen an independent reading book, which s/he should complete by the end of October. All sophomores created poems of praise, which you can see on 9/22 at the Open House. We are in the process of editing character sketches. I have enjoyed getting to know your students the first few weeks of school.