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December 22, 2018

The San Diego Coalition for the Homeless is a 501(c)(3) non profit charitable organization that has provided hope and help to the homeless and impoverished families and children in our community since 1979.

Our annual Christmastime party is what distinquishes us from other social service agencies.  This year we are anxiously preparing for the 38th Annual "Holiday Magic for Kids"  holiday party which will be held on December 22 , 2018,  at the Golden Hall, Community Concourse, 202 C Street, San Diego.  Doors open at noon.  

Poverty is sad for all families, but the saddest victims are the children.  They don't understand why they have so little.  Our gift to them is a few hours apart from their existence where they can enjoy the holidays like other kids.

Last year over 2,500 low-income and homeless families received boxes of food.  Every child, now born to 12 years of age, received wrapped toys, stocking stuffers and a lot of memories. Golden Hall resounded with music and laughter as our mascots, musicians and mimes entertained the crowd.  The festivities started off with the Buffalo Soldiers presenting the colors in a tradition flag ceremony.  Members of the ROTC and local area young pageant contestants and winners were on hand to help make sure everyone was having a great time.  Year after year, these young people volunteer and play a huge role in our success. Thank you ladies and gentlemen.  

We are always looking for volunteers to help prepare for the event by doing children's book drives or collecting food items needed to give needy families and children. Volunteers needed at Golden Hall the evening before and the morning of the event.  Please help by submitting packet.

 List of Needs 2018:

  2. 4000 candy canes
  3. Wrapping materials, scissors, tape, stickers to mark presents
  4. Each gift needs ID. B-6 for Boy, 6 years old; G-6 for girl
  5. New Toys - The age range is 0-12. (wrapped if possible)
  6. Bottled water or snacks for the volunteers Friday & Saturday during wrapping party
  7. Food to give to the homeless –non-perishable
  8. Turkeys or Hams!!! We need a turkey or ham to give every family!

Monetary donations are needed! Click on the link in the donate section below to donate via PayPal using your PayPal or a major credit card. There are many ways to help us this year. 

Toys, non-perishable food and monetary donations can be dropped off at three different locations.

Drop off Locations:

Today - December 21 @ 275 E Douglas Ave, El Cajon 92020

December 17th - December 21 @ VFW Hall, 136 Chambers St, El Cajon 92020

December 22 @ Golden Hall before noon, Community Concource at 202 C St, San Diego 92101. 

You can find the list of needs for this year's event by clicking on List of Needs 2018.

Below is a google map showing the location of the Golden Hall which is located in downtown San Diego.

"Holiday Magic for Kids" will take place on Saturday - December 22, 2018. Doors will open at Noon.

The address for the The Golden Hall, Community Concourse building is:

202 C Street, San Diego, CA 92101


There is a registration form in the sidebar to the left, remember children must be pre-registered to attend, the child may be registered by a representative from a school, social service agency or other authority. See the left facing sidebar and the PDF form for further instructions. There is also a link for volunteer instructions in the left navigation bar.


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San Diego Coalition for the Homeless is a non-profit 501c(3) incorporated in 1979.  EIN 33-0358828.

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