Welcome To The Crazy World Of SDHS ASB

Thank you for everyone for taking time to interview with us today.
All interviews were great but there is only so much room with in the class which makes this a really tough decision.
Please know that we encourage you to start a club or join a club, fine arts group, or sports team here on campus if you do not make it.  No matter what, still get involved.

ASB Commissioners for the 2017-2018 school year:

Jessica A

Lauren A

Cameron B

Niko B

Sarah C

Kristie F

Kurt F

Travis F

McKenna G

Annekah J

Dominic L

Frankie L

Braidan L

Naya M

Kaitlyn M

Alyssa N

Anusha N

Michael N

Joey P

Mariah S

Krista T

Shay W

Ashley Y