Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Grant

Mission - Expand and enhance education and career training programs that can be completed in two years or less and prepare students for employment in high-wage, high-skill occupations. 

Vision - Help students succeed in acquiring the skills, degrees, and credentials needed for high-wage, high-skill employment while also meeting the needs of employers for skilled workers.

Consortium Partners:

In an increasingly competitive world economy, America's economic strength depends upon the education and skills of its workers.  In the coming years, jobs requiring at least an associate's degree are projected to grow twice as fast as those requiring no college experience.  The nation needs workers with the education and skills to succeed in growing, high-wage occupations.  Community colleges serve as significant and rapidly growing contributors to the nations' higher education system, enrolling more than 11.8 million students.  Community colleges work with business, labor, and government in their communities to create tailored education and training programs to meet employers' needs and give students the skills required to obtain good jobs, earn family-sustaining wages, and advance along a career pathway.  The Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAA CCCT) grant provides funds to eligible institutes in each state to expand and improve their ability to deliver education that can be completed in two years or less.