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Let me introduce myself. I'm Agent 0017 and I've been around the DC network from almost the beginning. Back in those days my roots are in the -=E.V.I.L.=- network, the actual founders of the DC community. When DC++ made it's upcoming, I started editing DC++k. Because DC++k was even more buggy than DC++ was in that time, I decided to start off editing a clean DC++ source and it resulted in useful clients. Those clients never made it to the big public on behalf of my request. But now I felt it was the time to share this new client with the rest of the community.

A list with clients that i created through the years (most of them never even left my computer):

  • CrDC++
  • DC++ 0.017 FlashAgent
  • DC++ 0.017 Mobster
  • DC++ 0.017 SecretAgent
  • DC++ 0.017 ShakenMartini
  • DC++ 0.017 Snake's Eye
  • DC++ 0.017 StealthBuster
  • DC++ 0017k
  • SdDC++ (old, nameless versions)

Finally after years I decided to create a public client. For a change, I actually finished and published it.

This will be the official homepage of the Stardust client series. Any release will be linked on this site. Anyone who wishes to help advertise this client, do not hesitate to sent an email to me (Agent 0017, as this client could use any publicity it can get.



StardustDC++ 0.241 Sourcecode online

Well, after a few years of inactivity on my side, I finally got around to restore my messenger and actually talk to some people from the DC scene again. Anyway, for all those who were waiting an eternity for this, here ya go: the source code of the SdDC++ client!! Complete with everything, client detection, theme stuff, the real deal!!
Ofcourse I expect that it will be put to good use ;)
Grab the sourcecode from the StardustDC++ page!
I also removed the downloads for the 0.240 version, since it's even more outdated that 0.241.


StardustDC++ Updated

StardustDC++ just got the promised update! StardustDC++ 0.241 "Fire Agent" fixes a bunch of bugs, includes a /math calculator and extends on the usability of the SdEx pattern system. As an undocumented feature the SdEx pattern is now formatted with colors and styles to improve readability of the patterns you are creating. Go get this new rocking version here!


Alive and kicking!

I have been absent for a couple of months (lack of a properly working internet connection) but I am still alive and kicking! You can expect the release of StardustDC++ 0.241 anytime soon!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Merry Christmas! After a period of lots of coding and site updating, I'm releasing StardustDC++ 0.240 "Fire Agent" as a Christmas present. Have fun with it, enjoy your Christmas and start your new year with a smile