Gamification in Education

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Michael Salamanca
Innovation Middle School
Julie Garcia
Innovation Middle School

Gaming in our lives  
Today's Meet at 

Failure IS an option
    1, 2, 3 
    Step 1: Call out all three numbers
    Step 2: Change 1 to a snap
    Step 3: Keep the snap and change 2 to a clap


Station 1: More than rewards, how dow Gamification enhance learning?

Station 2: How Do You Gamify? Share with Your Peers.
  • Find your grade level on the chart. 
  • Write down a website with games that you use with your students. Also, include the subject area. 
  • Next, talk to a colleague at the charts and ask them about a game 

Station 3: What is Your Mindset? Is it Fixed?

How Did YOU fail today?