" Thus out of small beginnings,

greater things have been produced .  .  . 

. . . as one small candle may light a thousand.

                                                      - Gov. William Bradford,

                                                                       Plimoth Colony

                        Welcome to

                         The San Diego Colony

of   the

 Society of Mayflower Descendants


Society of Mayflower Descendants
in the State of California, Inc.

Last Update: 1 August 2016


Ray Raser

Asst. Governor                  
Budd Leef

Recording Sec.

Kathleen Loftman

Corresponding Sec.

Wayne Rogers

Treasurer                                                   Jan Quigley


Jennifer Anklesaria

Elder                                                 Joyce Shiloff

State Board Del.

Kathleen Norris

Advisor/Past Gov.            Gail Raser


Membership Sec.

Anita Guenin

Education Chair             Amy  Conboy


Norma Wohlfarth


Belle Bohn


Kathleen Norris

Web Master

Budd Leef


IMPORTANT 2016-2017 Mayflower Society Meetings and Event Dates

Mark the dates on your calendar now and plan on joining us for these General Society and Colony meetings and events.

19 November 2016
Our Mayflower Colony's
Compact Day Luncheon and meeting will be held at the MCAS Miramar Officer's Club.  In addition to our Colony Meeting, a special Thanksgiving meal will be served, along with our guest speaker.

February 2017
Colony Meeting

May 2017
Colony Meeting

19 Sep-2 Oct 2017
General Society of Mayflower Descendants Historic Sites Tour to England and The Netherlands

November 2017
Mayflower Compact Day Celebration and Colony Meeting





  ~    ~    ~    ~    ~

- -  Q U E S T I O N  - -

W h a t   d o . . . 
John Adams, Julia Child, Hugh Hefner, Richard Gere, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Duke Snider, Katharine Hepburn, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Presidents George H.W. and George W. Bush, Dick and Jerry Van Dyke, Marilyn Monroe, RADM Alan B. Shepard (USN), President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Clint Eastwood, Dr. (not Mister) Spock, Alec Baldwin, Humphrey Bogart, Grandma Moses, Christopher Lloyd, Orson Welles, 3/5ths of 'The Beach Boys', Chevy Chase, and quite possibly YOU have in common with a small trading ship owning just one trans-Atlantic round-trip voyage to New England?

P E R H A P S    A    L O T !

For millions of living Americans, their family's 'Ellis Island Moment' occurred in December 1620 on a lonely, cold and frightening stretch of beach at the edge of the Nauset, Patuxet and Wampanoag homelands.  For these 'Saints' and 'Strangers' the next few years would be more difficult, dangerous, and wonderful than they could ever have imagined.  They suffered, persevered, made alliances, adapted, and survived, and their story is at the very beginnings of our common American heritage.

We honor their courage and determination this and every day!

~   ~   ~
Are you interested
in joining
General Society of Mayflower Descendants in 2017
 as they tour Historic Sites important to the Mayflower in England and The Netherlands?
(19 Sep - - 2 Oct 2017)

For information about this trip, see the proposed itinerary and contact information in the back 2-pages of the current "California Mayflower Quarterly".

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D I D   Y O U   E N J O Y
Kathleen L
oftman's analysis and discussion about the "Pilgrim 1-Year Survivors"?

A link to the poster is located on the left column under "Pilgrim History".  Additionally, a pdf copy of her presentation has been placed at the bottom of the "NEWSLETTERS" page of this website.
(see the Newsletter page link located
at the very bottom-left of this page)

Hint: Download and save the pdf document, then print it from YOUR computer.
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The San Diego Colony
The Society of Mayflower Descendants

~ ~  W E L C O M E S   Y O U  ~ ~

For our next San Diego Mayflower Colony meeting on 19 November, members and guests will celebrate "Mayflower Compact Day" with a Thanksgiving Dinner, hold a Colony meeting, and be entertained by a guest speaker.


Why are these folks smiling?

~ ~ ~

Well, come visit our next

San Diego Colony Meeting and find out:

Saturday, 19 November 2016

11am - Gathering

11:30 - Meeting and Lunch.

PLEASE NOTE that the Meal Reservation Form and Check MUST BE received


Saturday, the 12th of November.

~ ~ ~


for updated information regarding this Mayflower Celebration, Thanksgiving Meal, and a Special Program.

~  ~  ~  ~

Next Happening: A Compact Day Celebration, Thanksgiving Luncheon, Special Guest Speaker, and Colony Meeting.

When: Saturday, 19 November 2016, 11:00 am (gathering), 11:30 (lunch and meeting)

Where: MCAS Miramar Officer's Club located on-base at 4472 Anderson Avenue.

Reservation Required: When Provided - Please fill-out the RESERVATION FORM in the latest 'Pilgrim News' and return it with a CHECK to Colony Treasurer, Jan Quigley.  PLEASE NOTE that the Reservation and Check MUST BE received at least a week before the meeting (i.e., by Saturday, 12 November).

Please see our future Colony Newsletter and eMails for further Mayflower Luncheon' Details

 ~ ~ ~

 Excerpts from our

21 May SD Colony Meeting

The May 2016 general meeting and luncheon was a shared meeting between the San Diego Colony of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in California and the First California Company, Jamestowne Society.

The meeting was called to order by San Diego Mayflower Assistant Governor, Anita Guenin at 11:30 a.m.  Elder Kathleen Norris gave the invocation, Beverly Willey led the Pledge of Allegiance, and John Farrell gave the Pilgrim Pledge.  Ass't Governor Guenin thanked everyone for coming and welcomed the Jamestowne Society members.  She also welcomed "The Sojourners" group for their inspiring Flag Ceremony.

Colony Ass't Governor Guenin then recognized our special guests.  Mayflower State Officers present were: Deputy Governor South Marcia Huntley Maloney, State Junior Membership Chair Erica Hahn, State Elder Jan Landt, State Captain Rick Bailey, and State Quarterly Editor Ray Raser.  She thanked each of them for their service. She also recognized the former San Diego Colony Governors who were present: Rick Bailey, Jan Landt, and Ray Raser.

Assistant Governor Guenin then introduced Martha Gresham, Founding Governor of the First California Company of the Jamestowne Society, San Diego who provided words of greeting and introductions. 

Assistant Governor Guenin introduced the Jamestowne's  leader, David C. Hollowell, who then introduced members of his team from the National Sojourners.   Their presentation was entitled “Historical Flags of the United States".  Assistant Governor Guenin thanked them and presented Mr. Hollowell with a certificate.

The program finished at 12:15 p.m., and Colony Elder Kathleen Norris said grace before our lunch was served. While everyone was finishing their desserts, Assistant Governor Guenin asked Education Chair Amy Conboy to begin the opportunity drawing.

The two groups then separated for their business meetings.

State Captain Bailey presented Assistant Governor Guenin and incoming Governor Ray Raser the reframed charter for the colony. The San Diego colony was chartered in November 1951.

Membership Chair Joyce Shiloff welcomed two new members. Ernie Mortenson is descended from William Brewster (13th generation) and William (Bill) Smith is descended from William Bradford.  Membership Chair Shiloff then gave each new member a welcome bag.

 The roll call of Mayflower pilgrim ancestors was presented by Mayflower Membership Chair Shiloff.  With 7 each, pilgrims Stephen Hopkins, William Brewster, and Richard Warren tied for the most descendants present.

Old Business:

Assistant Governor Guenin announced that the Secretary Minutes and Treasurer reports were approved by the Executive Board. Mayflower 2020 Chair Kathleen Loftman gave a brief presentation on the 2020 "400th Celebration" activities planned.  Historian and Webmaster Budd Leef reported on the Family History Fair that took place in March and recognized Mayflower society members who assisted in the event.

 New Business:

Assistant Governor Guenin stated that the nominating committee has presented a slate of members who are willing to serve on the Executive Board elected positions for the next term (2016-2018).  The list as presented was:

Governor: Ray Raser

Assistant Governor: Budd Leef

Recording Secretary: Kathleen Loftman

Corresponding Secretary: Wayne Rogers

Treasurer: Jan Quigley

Elder: Joyce Shiloff

Historian: Jennifer Anklesaria

Colony Delegate to State: Kathleen Norris

 She asked if there were any nominations from the floor. Hearing none, she stated that we would accept these members as presented by the nominating committee.  The vote to accept the slate was unanimous.  She congratulated the new Executive Board members.

On behalf of Governor Gail Raser, Assistant Governor Guenin publicly thanked the past Executive Board for their support and work during the previous two years for the San Diego Colony. She then turned the meeting over to the Deputy Governor South, Marcia Huntley Maloney, for the installation of officers for the new term.  After the installation, newly elected Governor Ray Raser appointed the following chairs:

Web Master: Budd Leef

Membership Chair: Anita Guenin

Education Chair: Amy Conboy

Hospitality Chair: Belle Bohn

Parliamentarian: Kathleen Norris

Decorations: Norma Wohlfarth

 California Deputy Governor, South, Marcia Maloney, then presented incoming Colony Governor Raser with the gavel and Governor’s medal.

Incoming Elder Joyce Shiloff gave the benediction. Governor Raser thanked our musician, Bruse Guenin, for the beautiful entertainment, and everyone present for coming.  The meeting was then closed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~