All great and honorable actions

are accompanied with great difficulties, and both must be enterprised and overcome with answerable courage.”        - William Bradford


                         To The San Diego Colony

of   the

 Society of Mayflower Descendants


Society of Mayflower Descendants
in the State of California, Inc.

Last Update: 10 May 2014


Ray Raser

Asst. Governor                   Belle Bohn

Recording Sec.

Kathleen Loftman

Corresponding Sec.

Gail Raser

Treasurer                                                   Sue Johnson


Robert Anderson

Elder                                                 Ken Whittemore

State Board Rep.

Jan Landt

Advisor/Past Gov.            Rich Bailey


Membership Sec.

Joyce Shiloff

Education Chair             Amy  Lusk Conboy


Dorothy Schwaner
Anita Guenin  /
Norma Gherrity
Bill Bolen


Kathleen Norris

Web Master

Budd Leef


2014 General Society and SD Colony Meetings

Mark the dates on your calendar now and plan on joining us for these General Society and Colony meetings.

17 May 2014 - Spring SD Colony Meeting at the MCAS Miramar Officer's Club.

5 - 9 September 2014 - GSMD Congress Meetings and Activities held in and around Plymouth, MA.  See the Spring 2014 .  'Pilgrim News' and the General Society's website for details.

15 November 2014 - Fall SD Colony Meeting at MCAS Miramar Officer's Club celebrating the 394th Anniversary of 'Mayflower Compact Day', including a Thanksgiving Meal with your Colony cousins and friends.





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W h a t   d o . . .  John Adams, Julia Child, Hugh Hefner, George H. W. and George W. Bush, Katharine Hepburn, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Dick and Jerry Van Dyke, Marilyn Monroe, Alan B. Shepard, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Clint Eastwood, Dr. (not Mister) Spock, Alec Baldwin, Humphrey Bogart, Grandma Moses, Orson Welles, 3/5ths of 'The Beach Boys', Chevy Chase, and quite possibly YOU have in common with a small trading ship owning just one trans-Atlantic voyage?

P E R H A P S    A    L O T !

For an estimated 10-million living American's, their family's 'Ellis Island Moment' occurred in December 1620 on a lonely, cold and frightening beach at the edge of the Wampanoag homelands.  For these pilgrims and strangers, the next few years would be more difficult, dangerous, and wonderful than they could ever have imagined.  They persevered and survived, and their story is the beginning of our common American heritage.

We do not forget!

Come join these
fellow San Diegans
(and possible 'cousins')



Our Next San Diego Colony

Mayflower Descendant's


Happening: A Luncheon open to any and all persons interested in learning more about the Mayflower Society.  Join us for lunch and you might even meet and greet some of your 'Colony Cousins' and Friends.  What could be better?

When: Saturday, 17 May 2014, 11:00 am (gathering), 11:30 (meeting and lunch)

Where: MCAS Miramar Officer's Club

Program: California Mayflower Society Deputy Governor South, Marcia Maloney, will discuss "Children of the Mayflower".

Jim Blauer from the Orange County Colony will also be with us bringing many Mayflower items for sale (pins, books, stationary, etc.). - cash and check

Please see our latest Colony eMail for further Mayflower Luncheon' Details

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~   In Memoriam   ~

We remember our San Diego Colony friend and cousin, Bill Bolen, who recently passed away.  Our sincere condolences to Eleanor and all of his family, as well as his many friends.  The San Diego Colony will miss the smile and enthusiasm he brought to us with his new society membership.

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15 February 2014 SD Colony Program and Meeting

The February 2014 San Diego Colony Luncheon and Meeting was held at the Ramada Inn near Kearney Mesa, San Diego, CA.

The program included a lunch followed by the General Colony Meeting, featuring presentations by Colony Recording Secretary, Kathleen Loftman, and her husband, Russ Loftman.  Kathy spoke to us about the history of mourning traditions, jewelery and dress.  Russ provided some interesting facts about the weapons that our pilgrim forefathers might have used in their daily lives.

Colony Membership Secretary, Joyce Shiloff (L), and Colony Governor, Ray Raser (R), welcome new member, Mary Boehm (descendant from John Howland and Henry Sampson).

Why are these folks smiling?

A few of our Colony Members in attendance enjoying our last Thanksgiving Program celebrating Compact day at MCAS Miramar.

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Excerpts from February 2014 Colony Meeting Minutes and Luncheon Program

15 February 2014

The February general meeting and luncheon of the San Diego Colony of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in California was called to order by Colony Governor Ray Raser at 11:35 A.M. at the Ramada Inn on Kearney Mesa Road, San Diego. He welcomed everyone to our meeting and thanked Bruce Guenin for playing his guitar.

 Following the invocation by Parliamentarian Kathleen Norris, John Farrell led the Pledge of Allegiance and Hospitality Co-Chair Anita Guenin led the Pilgrim Pledge.  Ray Raser introduced the special guests: Past San Diego Colony Governors Robert and Beverly Nickerson, Rick Bailey, and Jan Landt. Governor Ray Raser then introduced the members of the Colony Board: Assistant Governor Belle Bohn, Recording Secretary Kathleen Loftman, Treasurer Sue Johnson, Corresponding Secretary Gail Raser, Hospitality Co-Chairs Dorothy Schwaner and Anita Guenin, Web Master Budd Leef, Membership Chair Joyce Shiloff, Education Chair Amy Conboy, and Parliamentarian Kathleen Norris.

 Governor Ray Raser then asked all the table guests to introduce themselves.

 The roll call of pilgrim ancestors was presented by Membership Chair Joyce Shiloff.  With 9, pilgrim John Howland had the most descendants present.  Membership Chair Joyce Shiloff then welcomed our new member, Mary Boehm, descendant from John Howland and Henry Sampson. 

 The minutes of the November 2013 General Meeting were reviewed and approved by the Executive Board.

 The Report on the State Board of Assistants meeting was presented by Past San Diego Colony Governor Jan Landt. The meeting was held via Skype and the connections were not successful.  She mentioned the state and general society scholarships which are discussed in the Mayflower newsletter and on the websites.

 Corresponding Secretary Gail Raser reported on old business.  She provided the nomination committee report.  The nominating committee was composed of three persons, Dorothy Schwaner, Anita Guenin, and Gail Raser.  Eight positions will be voted on at the May meeting; other positions will be appointed by the Governor.

Gail Raser also provided a reminder that fliers on the 2020 logo contest and the 2014 GSMD scholarships were on the back table and more information is online at our Mayflower website.

 Parliamentarian Kathleen Norris said grace, and the meeting was recessed for lunch.

 After lunch, Assistant Governor Belle Bohn introduced the speakers, Recording Secretary Kathleen Loftman and her husband, Russ Loftman.  Kathleen gave an interesting and informative presentation called “Mourning and Mourning Jewelry.” She spoke about the history of mourning, traditions, and mourning jewelry from the time of our pilgrim ancestors through the end of the 1800’s.  Russ spoke about the three primary weapons that our pilgrim forefathers were likely familiar with in their daily lives.

 After the presentation, Corresponding Secretary Gail Raser reported on new business.  Gail reminded everyone about the upcoming Family History Fair which will be held on 1 March 2014.  She asked for volunteers to sign up to host the Mayflower booth. She thanked Belle Bohn for providing the Valentine’s Day themed cake.

 Ken Whittmore spoke about the article in the California Mayflower Society newsletter. He also spoke about the upcoming southern California Youth Activity where there are plans to go to the San Diego Zoo.

 Mary Boehm spoke about her daughter’s presentation at the Mayflower Ball in New York City on 1 November 2013.  There were five debutants presented to the Mayflower State Governor.  The debutants were young women under the age of 24 who were in college.  She brought pictures of the event to share with the group.

 Governor Raser announced the successful opportunity drawing to benefit the Mayflower education program.  The $109 raised will be sent from the colony to the California State Society’s Scholarship Fund.

 Governor Raser thanked Bill and Eleanor Bolen for the decorations and centerpieces and Kathleen Loftman for the cameo chocolates.

 Belle Bohn announced that the next meeting will be held on Saturday, May 17, 2014 at the Officer’s Club at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar (MCAS). Deputy Governor South, Marcia Huntley Mahoney, will give a presentation on the ‘Children of the Mayflower’. The election and installation of officers will also take place at the May meeting.

 Elder Ken Whittemore gave the benediction.

 The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 by Governor Ray Raser.

Submitted by:


Kathleen Loftman

Colony Recording Secretary

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