Wiki Content


Wiki's are a more collaborative way of building web content.  Since everyone in the San Diego Citizen Science Network is really busy with their day jobs, it's difficult for any one person to ensure that the site is up-to-date with the most currently available information.  Furthermore, allowing people to add what they know is faster than forcing one person to collect information from varying sources for the website.  Hence, please help build this resource by contributing your knowledge generously.

How to help

The table of contents for a Wiki page in google sites is automatically built based on the headers.  Hence, use the different header styles in order to organize the content you add.

What should go where

If you have a project, please add it to the project list table.
If you have notes, slides, or minutes from San Diego Citizen Science Network meetings, please upload them to the appropriate category in the SiteAssets page.
If you have recommendations as to tweeps to follow, facebook pages to visit, or web resources, please add them to the the Citizen Science Resources page.

Access to the site

While the Wiki is publicly visible to anyone with a link, you will need to login with a google account and request access in order to edit the Wiki. 

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