Banquet Reservations

This page includes key reservation dates, prices, and RSVP guidelines for Societies, Organizations, and Individuals. 

Banquet Logistics

    Banquet Reservation Type, Price, Benefits & Sponsorship Opportunities:

     Table Reservation Sponsorship Level Price - See RSVP Deadlines * Benefits - See Table Reservation Guidelines**
     Society/University  $450 prior to deadline*, $500 late registrationAll table sponsor options are for eight people. 
    All sponsors are recognized inside the program brochure as "banquet patrons"
     Elite/Company  $750 Includes additional priority seating and website recognition. 
     Premier/Corporate $1,500 "Elite" benefits plus banquet public recognition, program brochure cover recognition, and a display table. 

     Individual Reservation Price Notes
     Non-Student ** $50 prior to deadline*, $60 late registration Society discounts may apply. Please contact your Society/University/Company representative (table captain) first. If you need help, please contact Treasurer. 
     Student *** $5 prior to deadline* to be on reservation list Students receive a special discount due to the generous donations from sponsors. To place your name on the student reservation list, a financial commitment is required per the Student Reservation Guidelines***.  You will be notified 3-days prior to banquet or sooner, to confirm your placement. If we are unable to place you at a table, your financial commitment will be returned.

     Other Sponsorship Price NoteSupport students by signing up to sponsor a program! 
     Display Table $50 Society/University/Non-Profit display tables during the event are available
     Program Sponsors $1,000  Program Sponsorship for items such as printing, parking, AV equipment, reception, reception or even raffle prizes help make the event exciting and defray costs. Program sponsors are recognized inside the program brochure, on our website, and publicly during banquet.  
     Mathcounts Variable Suggested Society donation: $100 - $500. Support this E-week middle-school math contest! A donation box at banquet will be available.

    RSVP & Payment - Make all inquiries, reservations and payment commitments to the EWSD Treasurer, and Reservation Coordinator, Ken Discenza. He can be contacted by email: or telephone: (619) 540-7462.    Make checks payable to "CSPE Education Foundation", mail checks to:
        Ken Discenza, PE, EWSD Treasurer
        888 Brockton Street, El Cajon, CA 92020

    ** Table Reservation Guidelines:  

    • Organization, Seating, Subsidizing Costs - The EWSD Awards Banquet is organized by sponsored tables for eight people. Each sponsoring organization pledges for and pays for the cost of at least one table sponsorship level. The table sponsorship is a Society contributed sponsorship that is $50 more than the individual costs. Reservations beyond the table size of 8 are charged at the equivalent individual (non-student) per person rate. Partial tables will be combined with other partials (and closely located) to the parent table(s). Societies/Schools/Companies may elect to subsidize a portion of or all of the cost of each reservation. Table sponsors are encouraged to sponsor one or more of their student members. Please check with your organization representative to determine the cost to you.  
    • Sponsor Contact (Table Captain) RSVP & Payment - Each table sponsor must supply a sponsor contact (table captain). Contact will arrange for and collect individual reservation details (name and contact information of attendees). Payments from individuals, if any, are to be made to the Society/Sponsor contact for their seats. The table captain will provide the total payment and reservation data to the banquet EWSD treasurer (and reservation coordinator) Ken Discenza.
    *** Student Reservation Guidelines:  Students are encouraged to attend. For inquires and reservations, contact the EWSD treasurer, Ken Discenza. To place your name on the student reservation*** list, please email (and/or mail) Ken with the following: 
    1.  Mail financial reservation commitment of $5 to the "EWSD Treasurer" by the reservation deadline*
    2.  Name, 3. Email, 4. Phone Number, 
    5.  School affiliation (name of university, college, high school)
    6.  Major or Engineering Interest Area 
    7.  Any Engineering Society affiliation  
    *** Failure to provide ANY of the items (1 - 7) shall be cause to eliminate your reservation.