Past Banquet History

The San Diego County Engineering Council (SDCEC) celebrates engineering through our annual Engineers Week San Diego (EWSD) Awards Banquet. Below is a history of the Banquet Keynote Addresses, Host Society, Chairperson, and participating committee members through the years. As available, the annual *Program Brochures are linked by Year. Also see our Awards History page

 Year* Host  EWSD Awards Banquet Keynote Address 
 2019  Call for Keynote Speaker - application due by July 15, 2018
 2018 ASHRAE "Back to the Future: The Wonder of Engineering" by Timotny G. Wentz
 2017 ASCE "Engineering for Humanity" by Brandon Reynante, UCSD
 2016 AIAA "Technological Invention & Innovation: A Select Review of the role of the engineer since the industrial revolution" by Dr Richard P Hallion, Senior Adviser for Air and Space Issues
 2015 ASCE "The Strategic Integration of Desalinated Seawater into Existing Potable Water Conveyance Systems" by Brent Alspach, PE, Malcolm Pirnie
 2014 IEEE "Smart Skin Sensors & Analytics in the Cloud to advance the Frontiers of Wearable Health" Dr Todd P Coleman, UCSD Bioengineering
 2013 SWE  NSBE  SHPE"Celebrate Awesome" by Dr Ebonee Williams (UCSD Director of mandatory Service Learning, Adv Polymer Composites), Lt. Julia Foerster (Aerospace Engr, F/A-18, Operation Enduring Freedom) & Ms Theresa Medina (Mechanical Engr, Solar Turbines, General Dynamics, Rohr)
 2012 ASME "Rocketdyne Engines to Outer Space" by John Halchak
 2011 ASHRAE "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Perils of Pacific Plastic Pollution - Facts, Myths, and How You Can Help" by Miriam C. Goldstein, UCSD Scripps Institute of Oceanography
 2010 ASCE "Getting Water to Southern California" by Frank Block PE
 2009 CSPE "Theory of Innovative Problem Solving" by Dr. Ellen Domb, TRIZ Expert and Educator
 2008 AIAA "Inventing Flight - The Science of Balloons to the Technology of Wings" by Dr Tom Crouch, Senior curator, Aeronautics Department, National Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian Institution
 2007 SME "Technical and Diplomatic Challenges of Deep Sea Salvage: How engineers helped bring closure after the tragic sinking of the Ehime Maru" by Bert Marsh, PE, Captain US Navy (Retired)
 2006 SWE "When did it become so hot and trendy to be an Engineer?" by Dr David Hayhurst, SDSU College of Engineering Dean
 2005 ASME "Planetary Exploration: From Mars to Saturn (Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn and Titan)" by Larry N. Dumas, JPL Deputy Director (retired)
 2004 IEEE "The Genesis and Destruction of the First Internet: The Library/Museum of Lexandria" by Dr. Nicolas Alexopoulos, IEEE Fellow, UC Irvine School of Engineering Dean, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
 2003 ASHRE "Indoor Air Quality - Simple Solutions to Complex Concerns" by Richard A Charles PE, ASHRAE
 2002 ASCE "The Predator Program: From Concept to Operations and Beyond" by Frank Pace, Executive Vice President of General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc
 2001 PESO "Technology Futures for 2010" by Dr. Stephen Rockwood, SAIC Senior Executive (retired)
 2000 ASCE "Affordable Space Exploration: Commercially Engineered Solutions" by James W. Benson, SpaceDev Chairman
 1999 ASCE "Stepping Stones to Affordable Access to Space" by Jerry J Rising, PE, Vice-President Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, Project Manager, X-33/VentureStar
 1998 IIE "Promises and Challenges of Technology" by William A Owens, Admiral USN Retired
 1997 NSBE "Digital Wireless Communications Driving a Worldwide Need for Creative Engineering" by Dr. Irwin M Jacobs, Chair and CEO of Qualcomm Inc with Introduction by Emily D Gunter

Past E-Week San Diego Banquet Host Society General Chairs:
  • AIAA: 2016 Chris Root, 2008 Greg Marien & Kevin Burns
  • ASCE: 2017 Yazmin Arellano, 2015 Jeniene Knight, 2010 , 2002 Scott Tulloch & Michael Burgess, 2000-1999 Peter Tuccillo
  • ASHRAE: 2018 Gerry Hartford, 2011 Bruce Brown , 2003
  • ASME: 2012 Nip Shah, 2005 Phillip Young
  • CSPE: 2009 Ken Discenza, 1997 Tom Kanneman
  • IEEE: 2014 Gerald Gerace, 2004 Gerald Gerace
  • IIE: 1998 Don Defrain
  • NSBE: 2013 Grady Gordon, 1997 Victor Baker & April White
  • PESO: 2001 Wedad Schlotte
  • SHPE: 2013 Sandi Wong McKellips
  • SME: 2007 Akasha Kaur Khalsa
  • SWE: 2017 Debra Kimberling, 2013 McKellips, 2006 Elizabeth Zureick, 1992 (?) Barbara Hernly
E-Week Society Committee Planning Members since 1997:
  • ACERS: Wally Johnson, David Virissimo
  • AEA-SDC: Eric Bruvold
  • AEE: Thomas Alspaugh, Henry Razouk
  • AFCEA: George Pinkham*, Chuck Pateros
  • AIAA: Chris Root*, Warren Johnson*, Martin Miller, Samina Bhatia, Phil Smith, Warren Johnson**, Greg Marien, Kevin Burns, Keith Glassman*, Dan Hearn, Chuck Spinks, Tom Chandik, Steve Ehlers
  • AIChE: Joanne Abbondondola*, Albert J Schmitt*, Judy Lake
  • AFE: Bryan Meagen
  • ANS: Bob Simons*, John Hughes, Bill Hannaman*, Julie Van Fleet, Fred Silady
  • APEM: Craig Colburn
  • APWA: John Klemunes, Gregory Humora
  • ASCE: Kimberly Wender, Dean Gipson, Jeniene Knight, Kimberly Wender, David Akers, Kris Olsen, Cathy Riley, Emil Rudolph, Dean Gipson, Kimberly Hakola, Mark Webb*, Alissa Sigala, John Harris, Miriam McKenna, Peter Tuccillo*, Scott Tulloch*, Ron Tanembaum, Miho Towery, Charles Spinks*, Kent Trimble*
  • ASCE YMF: Emerson Revolorio, Karina Guevara, Kevin Anub*, Sharon Liu*, Molly Frisbie, Jennifer Barrett, Shannon Lehman, Jessica Perry, Jason Lemons, Dustin Foley*, Molly Green, Ken Wright*, Scott Ketcham, Cindy Resler*, Rich Tomlinson*, Frank Zaidle
  • ASHRAE: Gerry Hartford, Brian Alexy, Peter Livingston, Eian Schnoor, Bruce Brown, Matt Greenbergs, Bruce Johnson*, Frank Shadpour, Michael Burgess*(ASCE), Russell Hegyi, Fred Jaeger*, Hugh Egan, Sean W Rodgers
  • ASM: Robert Klug, Martin Martinez*
  • ASME: Rida Alvi, Phil Young**, James Powell, Nip Shah, George Hosang
  • ASNE: Bob Kline
  • ASQ: Kim Niles*
  • ASQC: Chris Miller
  • CELSOC: Bill Dick, Howard Arnold
  • CSI: William DeBerry, Jack Mosher
  • CSPE: Ken Discenza**, Mehdi Kallili*, Shiva Swami, Jennifer Wirsing, Tom Kanneman*, Peter Livingston**, Al Ickstadt, Pam Farnsworth
  • FMA: Mina Ziaei
  • IEEE: Gabe Alcala, Enrique Monteagudo, Upkar Dhaliwal, Charlie Bird, Gerald Gerace**, Alan Jack Herr, Stephen Stubberud, Terry Hache, Charlie Davis*, Scott Andrews, Rasheed Behrooznia, Mark Heffernan*, K Bea Ninton, Richard Valerdi
  • IES-IESNA-IESNE: Tim Short*
  • IIE: Donald Defrain**, Jim Cammarano
  • INCOSE: Jim Gottfried, Jim Peterson**, Jo Ann Lane
  • ISA: Tom Ludwig, Karl Kovac
  • ITI: Steve Tuba*
  • MTS: Rob Spurr
  • NSBE: Grady Gordon, Shirley Deese, Naomie Baptiste, Victor Baker, April White
  • PESO: Jim Leland**, Wedad Schlotte*, Jim Schlotte
  • PMI: Bob Franklin
  • SAE: Tad Simmons
  • SAME: Nick Oberts
  • SAMPE: Kim Niles*, Joel Zuieback
  • SCSE: Sandra Fuentes (UCSD)
  • SDCBE&S: Lori Charles
  • SEAOSD: Chris Kamp
  • SHPE: Veronica Alcantara, Cynthia Hoffman, Sandi Wong McKellips**, Luke Burgan, Jesse Sandoval, Peter Perez
  • SME: Alan Douglas, Jeanne Skinner, David Sulli, Akasha Kaur Khalsa*, J David Alpert*, Rich Reynolds*, Dennis MacPetrie
  • SWE: Debra Kimberling*, Jacquelyne Jordan, Kim Ring, Diana Visser*, Jackie Albers, Elizabeth Zureick*, Sandi Wong McKellips*, Erin Sweeney*, Shirley Xiong
  • WCC: Linda Jewitt
  • WID: Sarah Thomas
  • WTS: Mary Holland

More History:

E-Week San Diego Banquet & Proclamation Dates and Photos:
  • Banquet Feb 23, 2018
  • Banquet Feb 24, 2017
  • Banquet Feb 26, 2016 Program Brochure, Photo Gallery, Proclamation (Feb 24)
  • Banquet Feb 27, 2015 Program Brochure, Photo Gallery, Proclamation (Feb 24)
  • Banquet Feb 28, 2014 Program Brochure, Photo Gallery, Proclamation (Feb 22)
  • Banquet Feb 22, 2013 Program Brochure, Photo Gallery, Proclamation (Feb 22)
  • Banquet Feb 24, 2012 Program Brochure, Photo Gallery, Proclamation (Feb 14)

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