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The San Diego County Engineering Council (SDCEC) was originally formed to coordinate and support E-Week programs and activities within the community.  The SDCEC is comprised of volunteers from local engineering societies, non-profit STEM organizations, and engineering schools. Our mission is to advance the public awareness of the engineering profession as a worth while career.  Our specific objectives are to: 
  • Recognize and celebrate outstanding engineers/educators/projects by establishing an Awards Program and honoring the award recipients during an annual E-week San Diego (EWSD) banquet  
  • Promote E-outreach programs for youth including Events, Scholarships & Awards during E-week and throughout the year.  
  • Support STEM Society volunteer needs and cross-promote their public STEM programs with other STEM societies, educators, parents and the greater San Diego community 
The SDCEC works closely with the NSPE founders of Discover E (formerly national engineers week or NEW). Our local governing body is the CSPE San Diego chapter. Our strategic goals
 are to expand the efficacy of the SDCEC to better support STEM society needs and be more inclusive of E-events in the community.  Help us advocate on behalf of your non-profit STEM organization, to help build a better public awareness of engineering, and build an inclusive pathway to rewarding careers in engineering. Join us by attending E-week activities, sponsoring our programs, and volunteering on the SDCEC.