The San Diego County Engineering Council (SDCEC) is more than E-Week:

Engineer's Week San Diego (EWSD) Awards Banquet is Feb 23, 2018. 
Next EWSD Committee Meeting is Monday March 13, 2017 (See Calendar) at 5:30pm  Let
 Ken know if you want
to be added to the meeting invites. 
Engineering Outreach Advocacy - The SDCEC website is designed to help promote E-Society PR needs throughout the year. 
  • Are you interested in E-Awards? E-Community engagement?
  • Have ideas for a more user friendly effective experience that promotes our E-community.
  • Join the team. We are building up our core infrastructure.
Next Advocacy Committee Meeting. Our team is currently working behind the scenes on website hosting solutions. The next formal advocacy meeting will be after the banquet concludes March 13. Ask Debra to send you a meeting invite.