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Award Nominations

San Diego County Engineering Council Awards - 2018 Nominations are Closed (next open period will be Oct to Jan 10, 2019)

Individual Honor Awards Packet:  Apply now, or nominate someone, for one of the following honor awards using the "individual awards packet" attached below: 
  • Outstanding Engineer - recognizes a practicing engineer residing in San Diego County who has made recent* outstanding contributions to the field of engineering
  • Outstanding Engineering Educator - recognizes an engineer residing in San Diego County who has made recent* outstanding contributions to the field of engineering education as a faculty member in an ABET accredited engineering program
  • Outstanding Engineering Service, Dr. Thomas Avolt Kanneman - recognizes an individual who has given recent* outstanding professional and/or public service in, or for, the advancement of the engineering profession in Southern California
Project Awards Packet: Apply using the "project awards packet" attached below:
  • Outstanding Engineering Project - recognizes outstanding projects, constructed or produced in San Diego County and brought to fulfillment recent* contributions through design and production, that benefits the general public. While there is only one SDCEC outstanding engineering project award, all nomination applications will be considered for recognition as a co-sponsored project (see below for further details)
  • Co-Sponsored Outstanding Project - Applications for Outstanding Engineering Project will be reviewed by the awards committee for eligibility as a co-sponsored project award. After the one SDCEC project award is selected, the other top rated project applications are considered for co-sponsorship in conjunction with the affiliated engineering society. If the engineering society agrees to co-sponsor this project, and cover additional costs for the award, the project will be recognized as a co-sponsored outstanding project during the awards banquet. Note: The nomination packet asks you to identify which engineering society the project is most closely affiliated with. 
*Awards recognize recent contributions, typically within the last three to five years. Prior contributions (older than five years) are appropriate for the general background but not the primary basis for the current year award. Please see additional criteria in the nomination packets attached. 

Winners are selected by the SDCEC EWSD Award Committee comprised of representatives of local San Diego County engineering societies. Winners will be recognized during the E-Week San Diego (EWSD) Banquet and will receive a special plaque.  Prior award winners are listed here.

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