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Title: Running Records and MSV Analysis
Facilitators: Tricia Persad and Lana Blais
Date: Sept. 25
Time: 1:00-2:30
Location: Lloyd George
Audience: French Immersion intermediate teachers
Description: Using a clear and scaffolded Leveled Literacy Intervention video and protocol form, this hands-on workshop will systematically review how to to complete reading/running records.
Registration: as requested by school

Primary Reading Assessment and Running Records Overview
Facilitators: Tricia Persad
Date: Oct. 19
Time: 8:30-11:30
Location: TBA
Audience: Newer-to-primary teachers
Description: This workshop will focus on how to to complete running records as well as how to administer and interpret district-designed protocols for the Primary Reading Assessment (updated in fall 2013). Registration through principals.

Title: Introduction to Leveled Literacy Intervention
Facilitators: Tricia Persad and Lorraine Brookes
Date: Oct. 19
Time: 12:30-2:30
Location: HGEC, Room 6
Audience: Primary teachers and LARTs in schools using LLI
Description: This orientation workshop will introduce teachers to the Leveled Literacy Intervention kit intended for primary students who need more support learning how to read. Topics include kit contents, organizing guided reading groups, and the lesson framework. Registration through principals.

Title: A. Introduction to Daily 5
Presenters: Tricia Persad
Date: Oct. 23
Time: 9-2
Location: HGEC, room 4
Audience: Rural Gr. 1 - Gr. 5 teachers
Description: Are you wondering about Daily 5 and not sure how to get started? In this session focused on multi-grade classrooms, we will explore some of the fundamental aspects of the Daily 5 framework, including teaching learning independence, using I-Charts, charting stamina, introducing Daily 5 tasks, and possible schedules. This session will complement the Introduction to CAFE / Catching Readers Before They Fall Strategies workshop. Participants will receive some useful handouts.
Registration: Limited to 8; email Tricia Persad

 B. Introduction to CAFE / Catching Readers Before They Fall Strategies
Presenters: Tricia Persad
Date: Oct. 23
Time: 9-2
Location: HGEC, room 4
Audience: Rural Gr. 1- Gr. 5 teachers
Description: Are you wondering about how to integrate literacy strategies featured in CAFÉ or Catching Readers Before They Fall? In this session, we will explore possible ways to incorporate the CAFÉ model or Catching Readers Before They Fall strategies into your language arts framework. This session will complement the Introduction to Daily 5 workshop. Participants will receive some useful handouts.
Registration: Limited to 8; email Tricia Persad

Title: Early Primary Literacy Make & Take 
Date: Dec. 2
Time: 3:30-4:45
Location: HGEC
Audience: K/1 Teachers, LARTs
Teachers will make 4 experiential literacy stations they can use in their classrooms the very next day. All supplies are provided, though teachers may wish to laminate some materials at their schools.
Contact Marianne Vande Pol or Tricia Persad for more information.
Registration: Via Google form. Now closed.

Title: Inquiry/Literacy Unit Planning Seriers
February 25: Introduction to Inquiry
April 6: Inquiry in Action
June 1: Inquiry Celebration 
Facilitators: Aleasha Kachel, Tricia Persad, Andrea Wallin
Time: 8:30-noon 
Location: HGEC and Westsyde Secondary
Audience: Middle/Secondary literacy contacts and colleague

Title: Inquiry-Based Teaching: Big Ideas and Real World
Date: PRO D April 18 (KTTA)
Presenter: Sue Jackson
Time: 9:00-3:00
Location: TBA
Audience: Grades 4-8 teachers, teacher-librarians
Description: Inquiry is fundamental to deep learning; it helps students to “learn how to learn in powerful ways so they can manage the demands of changing information, technologies, jobs, and social conditions.” But how do teachers cultivate inquiry-based learning? How do you plan for students’ questions yet address curriculum outcomes? How do you incorporate inquiry into interdisciplinary studies? How is inquiry facilitated effectively? Attend this session to discover answers to these questions and more. Examine ways to stimulate open-ended investigations that promote deep thought-processes and 21st century competencies. Teach with purpose through the exploration of compelling problems and issues that connect to the “big ideas” of the newly designed curriculum and to the real world.
Sue Jackson is a speaker, author, consultant and educator. Prior to her role as Scholastic's National Literacy Consultant, Sue was a Learning Coordinator for the Thames Valley District School Board in Ontario. Additionally, Sue has taught courses for the University of Western Ontario and she has contributed to many educational publications, including Scholastic's Literacy Place for the Early Years, Moving up and Stepping Up resources. As a classroom teacher for 20 years, Sue brings a wealth of experience and a passion for hands-on, inquiry-based learning to her sessions.
Registration: KTTA process
Co-sponsored by KTTA and Scholastic Education

Title: Two Tiers of Phonological Awareness Instruction and Intervention 
Date: PRO D April 18 (KTTA)
Presenter: Dr. Melanie Schuele
Time: 9:00-3:00
Location: HGEC, 1A/B
Audience: K- grade 1 teachers, LARTS, SLPs
Description: This workshop will discuss RTI models and how teachers can incorporate explicit phonological awareness instruction and small group intervention within their classroom settings.  It will discuss opportunities for collaboration with Learning Assistance Resource Teachers and Speech-Language Pathologists in the class. Part of the workshop will address key components of The Intensive Phonological Awareness Intervention Program.
Dr. Schuele has published her research in America Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) journals in Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics. She has presented her work at state and national conferences as well as at workshops for practicing clinicians. She currently serves on ASHA’s Research and Scientific Affairs Committee and is on the editorial board for ASHA journals.The goal of Dr. Schuele’s research on early literacy acquisition is to explore, within school-based settings, the effectiveness of multi-tiered layers of instruction (Response to Intervention) and intervention provided to children with early literacy difficulties. This line of research has focused on children in kindergarten and first grade. 
Registration: KTTA process

Title: The Essence of Effective and Engaging Literacy Learning K-3: What We Really Know
Presenter: Miriam Trehearne
Date: PRO D May 16
Time: 8:30-2:30
Location: HGEC
Audience: K-3 educators
Cost: $50
Description: There are multiple paths to literacy learning. That being said, we do know that there are some proven high-yield strategies that do make a huge difference no matter the path taken. The teachers (majority Canadian) celebrated in Miriam’s newest research-based book Multiple Paths to Literacy (2016) demonstrate many of these high-yield strategies and instructional approaches by providing hundreds of practical ideas that teachers can put to use in their classrooms tomorrow. In this practical workshop, real-life examples will come to life through the many photos, student writing samples, and student, teacher, and parent reflections and stories. Miriam will demonstrate how to scaffold play, self-regulation, art, inquiry, technology and literacy learning effectively while linking assessment to instruction. "Excellent teachers know it's both what you teach and how you teach" (Copple and Bredekamp 2009, 48)... Let's close the gaps and accomplish a lasting legacy. Participants will receive Miriam’s newest book, Multiple Paths to Literacy!
Miriam Trehearne is an accomplished Canadian author in the field of literacy. Her material is research-based and, as a former Calgary Board of Education literacy specialist, has solid connections to daily classroom practice. Miriam travels extensively sharing her research and provides practical classroom experience. 
Co-sponsored by KTTA.

Title: French Immersion Literacy and FIEPRA Overview 
Presenter: Faye Brownlie
Date: PRO D May 16
Time: Full Day
Location: Lloyd George Elementary (school-based)
Audience: French Immersion elementary 
Description: Contact Deanna Steptoe for more information


Belonging to an Local Specialist Association is a great way to collaborate with colleagues about professional learning. Please contact me if you'd like more information. PSAs:
A number of Provincial Specialist Associations meet in October. For all PSAs see




Participating in a Book Club is another way to learn more about an area of educational interest in a small, informal group setting. It's also a way to get to know colleagues better. Book Clubs can be school-based or open to all educators in our district. Book Clubs can be traditional (hard copy and face-to-face) or technology-oriented (e-readers and blogs). Please contact me for information about how to get a Book Club started. Please see Recommended Resources on my website for books about literacy. Literacy Resources Website/Professional Resources page:

Come Read with Me! is a two-hour session offered during the day at schools to parents and caregivers of grade 1 students. It assists with building a home-school connection by providing parents and caregivers with simple, positive strategies they can use to support their child(ren) with home-reading. Parents go home with new knowledge and a bag of materials including a new book, sight word cards, word games, foam dice, a handbook, a bookmark, and more.  Interested principals should contact Literacy in Kamloops (LinK) Coordinator Fiona Clare or me. See Literacy Resources Website/Come Read with Me page:

Title: Drop Everything and Read (D.E.A.R)

Facilitators: SD 73 teacher-librarians


Location: participating schools

Audience: students and staff

Posters provided by BCTLA:

Title: Unplug and Play Week
Facilitators: Family Literacy Committee
Dates: January 2016
Location: participating schools and families
Title: Red Cedar Book Award - B.C.'s Young Readers' Choice Awards
Dates: November to April
Location: participating classes/schools in B.C.
Audience: grades 4-7 students
Description: This beyond-the-classroom book club features Canadian fiction and nonfiction and culminates with students voting for top texts. Please see the website for information about how to get involved:

Title: Stellar Book Award - B.C.'s Teen Readers' Choice Award
Dates: November to April
Location: participating classes/schools in B.C.
Audience: ages 13-19 students
Description: This beyond-the-classroom book club features Canadian fiction and nonfiction and culminates with students voting for top text. Please see the website for information about how to get involved:

Title: Battle of the Books
Facilitators: Faith Bailey, Andrea Wallin, SD 73 teacher-librarians
Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Audience: grades 3-7 students
Description: The Battle of the Books program was developed by School District librarians to encourage and to recognize students who enjoy reading and to broaden reading interests. As many as 30 elementary schools participate in Zone and District Battles, with the winners being every student who has become a veracious reader. More information is available on Battle of the Books website page:

Title: Young Authors' Conference
Facilitators: Deanna Brady and YAC team
April 29, 2016
Time: Full day
Location: TRU Clock Tower
Audience: grades 4-12 students
Description: The Young Authors’ Conference is an annual event bringing together the best authors in our District to work with professional authors and writers. Students in grades 4 through 12 are eligible to participate. To enter, a student would submit a manuscript of prose or poetry (up to 1,000 words) to their school’s selection committee.  This committee would select outstanding pieces for entry into the conference.  Each year about 200 students participate in the conference. The Conference Committee reads each manuscript and includes it in an anthology that is distributed to schools.  Recent Anthologies are posted on the Young Authors’ website page.

I can present at staff meetings, during collaboration time, or after school. I can also work one-on-one during prep times or team-teach lessons.  I can come to your school, or we can meet at the HGEC. Below are some literacy topics that may be of interest:
  • Reading Instruction: Daily 5, CAFE, Reading Power, guided reading, retelling strategies, literature circles, graphic novels
  • Writing Instruction: 6 trait writing, Writing Power
  • Oral Language Instruction: Socratic circles
  • Vocabulary Instruction: word walls, word sorts, using context clues, morphology
  • English Language Arts Curriculum
  • Performance Standards: Reading and Writing
  • Reading and Writing Assessments: Primary Reading Assessment, Whole Class Reading Assessment, Reading Assessment District (RAD)