Instructor: Paul Ruvolo (e-mail: Paul.Ruvolo@olin.edu, office: MH357, website: http://occam.olin.edu).

(e-mail list for all ninjas: softdes-ninjas@lists.olin.edu) Diana Vermilya, Nicholas Francisci, Aman Kapur, Sarah Strohkorb, Eun "Abe" Kim, Chris Lee, Morgan Zhu, Joshua Langowitz

Think Python by Allen Downey (available free online or in hardcopy from various online retailers)

Recommended Python IDE:

Useful Tutorials: Google Drive

Meeting Times: 
Section 1: MR 3:20-5pm in AC326, Section 2: MR 1:30-3:10pm in AC326

Office Hours:
  • Paul (MH357): Tuesday / Friday 10am-12pm (note: office hours Tuesday April 29th are canceled)
Ninja Office Hours:
If you need help outside of hours and class - fill this out!

NINJA Office Hour Schedule