HAYAMA Symposium 
Complex Analysis in 
Several Variables XV

July 21(Sat)-24(Tue), 2012 

Shonan Village Center  Link to Google Map 

The first will starts in the afternoon of 21st (around 2PM) and last talk will end around 11AM on 24th.

We are also planning a mini workshop "Geometric Complex Analysis Tokyo 2012" at University of Tokyo from 26 (Thu) July to 27(Fri) July.  Please contact Prof. Junjiro Noguchi <noguchi(at)ms.u-tokyo.ac.jp> for the details of this meeting.  

The speakers include:


Zbigniew Blocki (Jagiellonian University )

Daniel Burns Jr (University of Michigan)

Alvaro Bustinduy (Universidad Antonio de Nebrija)

Vincent Guedj (Universite de Toulouse III)

Joel Merker (Université Paris XI -Orsay)

Gianluca Pacienza (Université de Strasbourg)

Michael Range (State University of New York at Albany)

Jean Ruppenthal (University of Wuppertal)

Ahmed Zeriahi (Universite de Toulouse III)

Ryoichi Kobayashi (Nagoya University)

Junjiro Noguchi (University of Tokyo)

Tomoyuki Hisamoto (University of Tokyo)

Shin-ichi Matsumura (University of Tokyo)

Shinichiroh Matsuo (Osaka Univeristy)

Toshiki Mabuchi (Osaka University)
Hajime Tsuji (Sophia University)

** The talk of Jorg Winkelmann has been cancelled ** 


Registration and Accommodation

Please use the online registration form below to register for the symposium and to make reservation for the accommodation.  Deadline of registration was June 22 (Fri), 2012, but we still have some rooms: please contact Kengo Hirachi.

REGISTRATION: English           REGISTRATION: Japanese

Inquiries for the accommodation: 

Kei Matsumoto(Mr.) c/o Village Shonan, Inc.<tahensu(at)shonan-village.co.jp>

Support for the travel

Some financial support for local expenses will be available.

Please contact: Kengo Hirachi <hirachi(at)ms.u-tokyo.ac.jp>.


Katsutoshi Yamanoi (Tokyo Institute of Technology) Chair <yamanoi(at)math.titech.ac.jp>

Kengo Hirachi  (University of Tokyo) 

Hajime Tsuji  (Sophia University)       

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